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Jessica Harmon

The Lynchian thriller Windsor Drive, released earlier this month in LA theaters, has been skedded for a DVD release.

The film, which looks to be a stylish mix of Bret Easton Ellis (some definite American Psycho shenanigans here) and David Lynch's cult classic Mulholland Drive, snared some pretty stellar reviews during its run. Should be definitely worth a look when it hits DVD (via outlets like Best Buy) on September 29.

Natalie Bible's film explores the disturbed mind of River Miller, a mentally unstable 27 year old, haunted by the death of his girlfriend, Jordana. Trapped by the voices and visions in his head, River’s world begins to crumble forcing him to move to new surroundings hoping to calm his demons, but when he moves in with Wulfric and Ivy, two vampy hipsters with an agenda of their own. Everything falls apart and the deaths start again…

Of the cast, you'll likely recognize Samaire Armstrong (remember her from The OC!?) and the striking Jillian Murray. That's Tommy O'Reilly in the lead.

Here's the trailer :


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