ByQuinn Hansen, writer at

Looking way forward to Alien 5. I hated Prometheus because I feel deeply that it ruined the Alien canon. I do not think the Engineers were human-like as this dismisses Dark Horses first Alien comics vision of Scott is kicking out all that awesome work similar to how Disney and Lucas have dismissed the rich and awesome Star Wars EU while borrowing Darth Revan to make Darth...Ren Hoek...duh. The Xenomorph would have evolved in an epic and terrifying way, not a side effect of some WMD goop. It especially ticks me off that they had clearly Xenomorph glyphs in the room with all the vases full of goop. On the other side...while I love Alien 3 and I like Alien: Resurrection....I have the utmost faith in Niel Blomkamp and whatever he does continuing the story after Aliens...because while I like the darkness of Newt and Hicks just being dead in a cold universe..I would not mind seeing them live as they did in the Dark Horse comics. Newt even got to grow up and have a romance with an android.


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