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When it comes to Bloodborne lore and gameplay videos, I always find myself going on YouTube to watch Marcus, known as EpicNameBro. He not only helped write the strategy guide for the game, but also met with From Software President Hidetaka Miyazaki. His videos are extremely entertaining, and have helped many gamers get through the eldritch horror mostly unscathed through hints and tips. One such tip is this trick to defeating the Witch of Hemwick easier than usual - which was so awesome I just had to share it!

Step 1: Find the Witch of Hemwick and...Run Away?

Nope, I'm out! - EpicNameBro, probably
Nope, I'm out! - EpicNameBro, probably

Look, I know it sounds really weird, but you have to trust me on this one! In order to make the Witch of Hemwick easier to defeat you'll need at least one Bold Hunter's Mark (costs about 1,200 Blood Echoes) - but unless you've been using them like crazy, you should already have plenty of Bold Hunter's Marks from loot throughout the game.

To make this strategy work, you need to go in to fight the Witch of Hemwick with NO Insight - because with no Insight, the Witch of Hemwick cannot spawn Mad Ones (those crazy monsters that chase after you during the fight). Since you gain one Insight from seeing the Witch of Hemwick, you'll need to wait till after she spawns to use your Bold Hunter's Mark to high-tail it out of there.

Step 2: Spend Your Insight!

The Insight Shoppe!
The Insight Shoppe!

From here, you'll need to use the Hunter's Lamp to head back to the Hunter's Dream. And then, you guessed it...spend your Insight like there's no tomorrow! Buy whatever items you fancy until you're sitting at 0 Insight. I recommend buying Fire Paper, since it can help with beating other beasts and bosses down the track.

Step 3: Head Back and Kill the Witch of Hemwick!

That's a lotta eyeballs!
That's a lotta eyeballs!

Now you're ready to gear up and take on the Witch of Hemwick. Once you pass through the 'fog gate,' all you'll have to do is look for the red light that the Witch of Hemwick waves (or just run around the edges of the room), run over to her, and hit her a few times. She'll disappear, reappear, and then you repeat as necessary. This boss fight will be much easier to do without the threat of Mad Ones running after you!

However, when the second Witch of Hemwick spawns, if you kill one of the Witches be very careful. The Witch of Hemwick can still utilize their spells to trap you and take your eyeballs, or just do massive area-of-effect damage. Just because there's no Mad Ones, doesn't mean the Witch of Hemwick can't kill you!

Bonus Tip!

To make sure that you don't fall into a situation like the one detailed before, a good tip to make sure you kill both the Witches in quick succession is to use visceral attacks on the first Witch to get blood all over her. Disgusting, I know, but it serves a purpose. While you keep whittling down the first Witch's health, you'll be able to focus on the second Witch once she spawns. Since the first Witch will have blood all over her, you should be able to tell them apart. This ensures that you don't accidentally kill the first Witch, leaving you at the mercy of the second. Keep attacking the second Witch until she dies, then go back to kill the first one!

Need a Visual Walkthrough?

If you need a visual walkthrough to make the steps easier to follow, check out EpicNameBro's video below (to jump straight to the Witch of Hemwick click here)!

I really hope this helps you all make the Witch of Hemwick a lot easier to beat. With tips and tricks like this one, you're sure to survive the nightmare that is Bloodborne. Good luck, hunters!


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