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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Don't get me wrong, James Bond is one of the best spy movies I watched or will ever watch. And this series opened me up to Mission Impossible one of the best action movies.

But the fact of the matter is this, James Bond has been around for a generation. I mean literally we had loads of incarnations of James Bond from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. But honestly at a certain point we gotta ask ourselves one question. Is James Bond ever going to end?

With Skyfall I always thought was the ending especially with such a lengthy opening about how this is the end, and obviously it was an allusion to the end of the first M but then again we are always left wondering whether Bond will truly ever retire.
I mean as cool as the premise is and the ever desire to be a spy and to have the license to kill, we'll always have that I mean, it's always going to have one specific demographic but that doesn't mean the other side can't enjoy it as much as well. I think because of that, Bond has become something timeless instead of something that was meant to be for a certain time period which was the lifestyle of a spy and what was it like to be a spy. And of course there are other spy inspired films but Bond is something very special and something to behold for a very long time and here to stay.

What I'm not satisfied about is that it's kinda too long, and at some points hard to follow and very lengthy at times with the very different but kinda on the same wavelength villain. Then, you have the Bond women who are basically arm candy and nothing else. But it's the fact that Bond movies have evolved down. What do I mean by that? Well it started out as an R rated movie and then in this newer generation, it became a PG-13 movie which took it out of the Bond movies.

Anyhow, it takes a lot out of the normal action you would see out of the normal Bond movies with less violence ensuing. But how come? Well first of all it was because of the pegging down of the MPAA ratings of the Bond movies. But you see there needs to be a certain line. For specific genre movies, like the horror genre, the action genre and others there is no real three elements. I mean like it all at a point follows a specific formula.
A popular movie has other things evolving around main characters, the plot and the story line that becomes something more. Of course there are certain action movies that at least tries to incorporate the three elements, but then again it always happens to take on either too much of the romance, or too much of the action and sometimes or most of the time, leaving out the character development and/or the story line.

Let me just say this, I have in fact loved the Bond movies, but as I grew up I saw more and wondered about how it could stay very long. And of course the reason is that the character is identifiable and the story line one we desired for a very long time, and as we know from the movie industry today, it tends to capitalize on it and uses the nostalgia factor and the deep blue desires of certain people and because there are demographics that are very interested about somethings.

And in the end, the focus group would always win. However, we are in a world much more evolved and much more critical about our art as the art is also evolved and we tend to judge more. Because there was a certain time that movies weren't thought of as art and nothing more than entertainment. But nowadays it's both. We want to see the entertainment but at the same time we want to see the art value of it. And so Bond nowadays is basically an entertainment and not really art anymore because basically it fell back to a formula in the current generation as it's starting to feel like it's just a fan service. But honestly, sometimes it can be better. But seriously, its both entertainment and art back then there was something like a film noire and it was something interesting we'd never seen before but in a world that's filled with a lot of the similar things it becomes a competition and so it's a must that it kinda needs to evolve.

Hence, this was what the Kingsmen did I mean like it took what James Bond originally had, and that it was sort of making fun of it in a way. But I digress, hopefully, we can retire 007 soon, but definitely it's one piece of art and film that we will remember forever, and that Bond will always has the license to kill and we will always love him for that.


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