ByThomas Polinski, writer at

Good Morning Mr. Hiddleston, As I sit here, sipping a mug of coffee and collecting my thoughts, I think it would be appropriate to first say "Thank you!" You have provided enjoyment and entertainment to millions of comic book and film fans across the globe. I'm confident all of us would tell you that we appreciate your craft, and are deeply thankful for bringing to life one of the most enigmatic and exciting Marvel characters ever created. I can understand a sense of "fatigue" at playing the same character once again in a Marvel film. And also the desire to bring something "new" to the role. In that regard, I would encourage you to do your best, and if that means opening up a new and heretofore unseen facet of Loki's psyche, I believe all of your myriad fans would cheer you on. Creating a film is a collaborative effort (vis-a-vis director's, writers, producers, actors and actresses, and so on), but were you aware, watching a film can be considered collaborative, once removed? We gain excitement and enjoyment from watching your films, and cheer you on, hoping there is more to come. If you are experiencing character fatigue, then my suggestion would be to talk to your fans. See how they light up as they discuss what you have brought to the screen. Let that exuberance wash away the fatigue that may be there. Some people just need a moment to stand back and see what they have done, and what may yet lie ahead. I wish you well, and hope to see you on the silver screen once more as Loki. To quote a writer of whom you may be aware: "EXCELSIOR!"


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