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Two days ago "Pewdiepie the legend of the brofist" came out. Who doesn't know Pewdiepie, He is the most famous youtuber in the world (realy! he has 40 million subscribes!) and two days ago a game about him came out.

The game is awesome, really! I'm playing the game and the story is interesting and funny, the gameplay is wonderful and the music is very nice!

So, of course the main character is Pewds but there are more characters that are helping you during the game who you can play as later in the game! The characters are also famous Youtubers: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, CutiePieMarzia (Pewdiepie's girlfrend), Cryaotic and CinnamonToastKen.

"Pewdiepie the legend of the brofist" characters
"Pewdiepie the legend of the brofist" characters

Every character has an ability that you can buy (with the coins that you collect in the game). You can upgrade them and every Youtuber actually voiced his own character.

The game is available on android, Apple and Amazon. The game costs $5 and before you start to say: "I'm not going to waste my money for just a game!", let me first to tell you something: I also wasn't sure about buying the game, but it is wonderful! It's funny, interesting and fun to play! The money really is worth it and I'm not just saying that because I'm Pewdiepie's fan, I'm saying it because I tried to play it and I enjoyed it.

I don't want to force you to buy and play the game, I want you to decide what to do yourself and if you decided to play it, I hope you enjoy it! Here is the trailer for the game:

Thank you for reading and write what you think of the game, Bye!


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