ByRyan Lee, writer at

Hi I am a lover of the the flash tv show but I was thinking about the issues with time travel in it and then I realised that when the flash came back and eobard thawn was about to leave the flash came back and then Eddie thawn eobard thawn's ancestor shot him self and then this made a black hole because they could not close the black hole and then the black hole formed now eobard had never egsisted and this meant that Barry's mum would have never been killed this also ment that because the hole reason the flash got his powers was because of eobard perposfully blowing up the partical reactor giving Barry his powers at least 15 years earlier because when eobard thawn took over Harrison wells body he said you are going to invent a partical excelorater in 15 years from now so then eobard thawn wanted to take over his body to get the flash his powers and then ultimately would have got him home but then Eddie shot himself which would mean Barry dose not get his powers for the next fifteen years for 1 the next thing is the real Harrison wells would still be alive ,3 Barry's mum would still be alive and 4 the black hole munching up the city would not even be around


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