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So the third movie in the Star Trek series with Chris Pine as Captain James T Kirk, Star Trek Beyond, is coming out next year and well it's time to look at new options. The famous second part of Star Trek, the next generation franchise had Patrick Stewart at the helm. The series ran for seven years and was highly successful. So is it time to fare well James T Kirk and appoint the Next Generation of Star Trekkers. If so who should be cast in the major roles.

Jean Luc Picard

Well Patrick Stewart hasn't ruled out the option of coming back to the USS ENTERPRISE and well one can't say that wouldn't be amazing. But if he doesn't want to done the red shirt again then I believe Ralph Fiennes should become the next Jean Luc. With high expectations, Lord Voldermort, Ralph Fiennes would be able to pull of a fantastic Jean Luc Piccard with the looks and personality to go with it

William Riker

First Commander William Riker is a tough man to cast. For me Robbie Amell was my choice. His great acting during CW new show Flash, Robbie Amell has made a name for himself in recent years. His hard attitude as firestorm and loving personality as Ronny Ramond show the two sides of William Riker, on missions and with Deanna Troi.

Deanna Troi

Another hard casting but the actress I though best suited the role would be Danielle Panabaker. The caretaker of the Flash team, Danielle already has chemistry with Robbie and would make a great Deanna Troi. The similarities between Caitlyn Snow and Deanna Troi are quite similar since both act as the carer and loving member of the group.

Geordie La Forge

Geordie La Forge is an easy casting. Even after his massive failure as Johnny Storm in the new Fantastic Four movie Michael B Jordan would really bring Geordie to life his acting range from comedic to serious is really what is needed in the role


A simple casting really with no explanation needed. Jim Parsons would make a Data the original would be proud of. His emotionless role in The Big Bang Theory had practically prepped him to be data

The Crushers

Both Wesley and Beverly Crusher were not hard to assign actors to. Wesley Crusher played by Nathan Kress. Nathan basically looks exactly the same as Will Wheaton did back when he started filming Next Generation. Beverly Crusher was a little hard to find an actress for. To benefit the movie a younger actress made sense so Karen Gillan was an obvious choice. Her role on doctor who was seductive and pretty bad ass. Beverly has been known to try and seduce the captain before and is the medical doctor so can be used kind of like a female bones


Well worf is the hardiest of all to find, his unique voice couldn't be mimicked easily and his uncanny look hard to resemble but Isai Mustafa would be able to voice a semi cgi worf with the basic features of Isai'a face.

The Villains

Over two movies there are two simple villains needed to be brought to life. Q and The Borg were major pains in the backside. The two villains could be played by two important member of the Lion King James Earl Jones as the Borg and Jeremy Irons. We all know James Earl Jone epic Darth Vader voice well now imagine loads of Darth Vaders attacking and taking over the minds of star fleet. Pretty damn cool. Q is a semi omnipotent been who caused trouble in early seasons of Next Generation is taunts are well used just like Jeremy Iron's taunts as scar during the Lion King.

Do you agree with these choice. Or who would you like to see in a Star Trek Next Generation Movie?


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