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Designer and Illustrator, Alex Solis, has been crafting some interestingly unique spins on classic cartoon characters for some time now. And with Halloween vastly approaching, maybe it's time we take a look under the masks of these characters and see how we've been dealing with all along.

Come on, this one we all knew about already

Is this one really that big of a surprise to anyone? Hey, I don't blame Homer, at least he knows where the money is at.

When you think about it, this one totally makes sense.

The Incredible Hulk's anger issues make so much more sense now. And we all thought he was just smashing things for absolutely no good reason. Our bad.

This one's kinda creepy.....

Ha ha, I get it. Now put the mask back on before I fully come to.

I always knew there was more to her.

Wow, Elsa, who would have thought you were actually some sort of ice wielding warrior who frequently fights to the death in drawn out blood matches? I guess it kind of makes sense now that I think about it. Frozen plot holes...gone.

This sort of explains the anger issues....

Oh, Donald. I feel ya, buddy. Unemployment is rough. Don't worry, I'm sure Kingdom Hearts 3 will be out soon. Hang in there, man.

I always knew it was a trick!

No wonder nobody's been able to find you for the last decade. I have to hand it to you, though. This sort of disguise takes commitment...or immense amounts of fear...

Nobody steals my spotlight! Not even me!

We all kind of suspected this one, at least at one point in time. Nobody could beat that level of sass that wasn't in some way related to or super close to the original grumpy cat.

A victim of the console wars.

We all must adapt in the ever-changing world. Sonic has clearly shown he's more than willing to do that in a society that has fully embraced the trend of TV and Film Super Heroes.

Too much alike to not be the same.

This is how you get the message across, Eeyore. I hope you didn't lose your tail this time.

Let's cut away the nonsense here...

I mean, duh, right?

And by that logic, it must also mean that...

Oh yeah, this just happened and you saw it. Now you can never unsee it.

Ehhh, this one, not so much. But hey, cool idea for a costume, right?

Well played, Plankton. Well played.

Someone needs to call Sigourney Weaver and Spielberg

How adorable? Someone should really bring this up to Ripley when she sets out for her next encounter with her arch-nemesis.

He always was good for a laugh.

I'm not surprised by this in the slightest. Barney Rubble has a distinct voice and childlike wonder, I really should have guessed this one a long time ago.

Why be a prisoner when you can be a hero?

For once, all the credit goes to the rightful...person? Creature? Whatever.

Which one was your favorite?

You can check out more of the artist's awesome work on his Instagram Page or by visiting his website, Oddworx


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