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The acclaimed and award winning indie horror feature ...In the Dark is making its world premiere at the 13th Tallgrass Film Festival in Wichita, KS on Thursday, Oct 15th at 9:00pm at the Orpheum Theater, with writer-director David Spaltro, line-producer Lee Gillentine, and actors Fiona Horrigan and Catherine Cobb Ryan in attendance for a Q&A.

...In the Dark is also screening in Buffalo, NY at the The Screening Room Cinema Cafe on Sunday, October 18th at 9:15pm as part of the Buffalo International Film Festival with actress and Buffalo native Lynn Justinger attending, along with writer-director David Spaltro and co-stars Catherine Cobb Ryan and Fiona Horrigan.

On October 24th at 9:45pm at the Twin Cities Film Festival in St. Louis Park, MN with writer-director David Spaltro and actors Kayla Leasure and Fiona Horrigan in attendance and the following day, October 25th at 1:15pm as a special double-feature Halloween presentation of the Philadelphia Independent Film Fesival at the Univeristy of the Arts Elaine Levitt Auditorium with actors Lynn Justinger, Catherine Cobb Ryan and Fiona Horrigan attending.

Bethany (Grace Folsom) besieged by evil.
Bethany (Grace Folsom) besieged by evil.

See the film the critics have been buzzing about all Summer....

"Right from the opening scene that will chill you to your core, ...In the Dark is a deft use of suspense and darkness... it successfully dissolves any comparisons to The Exorcist and becomes something original... compelling performances and a story that really hooks!" - Ain’t It Cool News

"Nightmarish and filled with an atmosphere of dread... a movie that boasts a good story and strong cast." - TwitchFilm

"A solid indie possession flick with a few good scares and lots of creepy atmosphere... will appeal to both die-hard horror fans as well as the average viewer looking for a quick scare." - Forces of Geek

Award winning actress Grace Folsom ("Bethany")
Award winning actress Grace Folsom ("Bethany")

“...a powerfully captivating first entry from Spaltro as a writer and director in the horror genre... strong performances" –

"***...stands tall above other indie horrors of its ilk, largely due to Spaltro’s background in dramatic storytelling...rare to see cinematography of this standard in a low-budget horror... A chilling movie." Flickering Myth

“...VERY scary and oozes dread" - ScreenRelish

"Stylish and promising" -

"...the all-female lead cast is phenomenal, and it’s great to see ladies in a horror movie not used as sex bait or the tired Final Girl trope." - Horror Film Central

"...not your run of the mill slasher... a truly complex story that has you on the edge of your seat, and you’d better hold on tight, because just when you think you have guessed it all, it throws you for a real loop, and scares the hell out of you all over again." - Highlight Hollywood

"Spaltro didn't take his horror debut lightly...Fantastic cinematography by Gus Sacks and a chilling score by Fritz Myers help Spaltro capture a dark, unnerving atmosphere." - Life Between Frames

Actress Lynn Justinger ("Veronica)
Actress Lynn Justinger ("Veronica)

"Spaltro’s ...In the DARK opts for a very personal story, in which the characters involved are all more important than the possession elements, giving genre fans one hell of a demonic ride that feels fresh and very, very new... a terrifying and absolutely shocking film that refuses to play by the rules." - Jerry Smith, Icons of Fright

"Refreshing to have an all-female main cast in a horror movie and see them portrayed as smart and strong women in their own ways. The actresses did well to make the characters believable and real. Grace Folsom pulled off a haunting performance... atmosphere within almost every location felt dark and unsettling thanks to lighting and music... 7.5/10!" - Scared Stiff Reviews - Horror Movie Reviews & News

"*** David Spaltro's ...In the DARK has a great deal of heart that could easily get lost in the fray of other films that have similar subject matter... Spaltro is a great director and his vision of bringing a suspenseful possession story to life has strong foundations." -


Will you be seeing "...In the Dark" on the festival circuit?


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