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Remember when Ben Affleck was first announced at Batman? Everybody was readying their pitchforks and torches to walk down to Warner Bros. and crucify Zack Snyder. Now with the reveal of Ben Affleck in suit in the photos, the teaser, and the official trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice about 90% of those haters have changed into fans who eagerly await to see Ben Affleck in the role of the World's Greatest Detective.

So currently the only thing that the trailers are not giving us is a good reveal of Ben Affleck's voice as the Batman....or have they already?

In the first teaser for the film, it ended with Batman with his battle armored suit saying the line: "Tell me, do you bleed?......You will." His voice was heavily digitized and deep but somehow it worked, it was such an awesome line. Now most have thought this voice will only be exclusive to when he's wearing that armored suit.


That definitely could be the case but let's think about this. Sure a man can change his voice to seem different but some men can't, some voices are just too distinct that changing it won't do much. Distorting a voice with a voice modulator is not a bad idea, it can make him sound threatening without having to go to the extreme and sound incredibly silly like Screamo Batman did.

Hahaha, it makes me laugh every time.
Hahaha, it makes me laugh every time.

As much as I bash on CW's Arrow, I won't deny that I really like that Oliver uses a modulator of his own when the Arrow speaks to a person that he knows. That's logical in my mind so I say that if Ben Affleck's Batman voice IS the digitized voice from the teaser, I actually wouldn't mind it. HOWEVER, there is something else that comes to mind. Remember in the Batman V Superman trailer, which I will post because it is too awesome...

Ben Affleck is talking in the trailer with the words:

"Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left? How many stay that way? He has the power to wipe out the entire human race....and we have to destroy him."

Yes this was Bruce Wayne out of his suit and talking but if we look back at Batman the Animated Series, Batman only changed his voice when he was out in public as the cocky playboy billionaire but when he was at Wayne Manor talking to Alfred or Dick Grayson or whoever, his voice would be Batman's voice due to the fact that Batman is his true self and Bruce Wayne is just a disguise.


I think you all can tell what I'm getting at. What if that voice over from the trailer is the Batman voice? It is quite deep, gravelly, and pretty freaking awesome in my opinion and if that is the case then it gets two thumbs up from me.

Could I be wrong on both accounts? Yes, but is it a possibility? Yes. So what do you think is better for the primary Batman voice? The digitized voice of the first teaser or the gravelly voice of the trailer? Personally out of the two, I pick the voice from the trailer, I wouldn't hate the digitized voice but I'd prefer the actor just giving us an awesome voice. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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