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The Walk starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt follows the story of Philippe Petit and the events leading up to his infamous walk across The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974. It's a look at the man himself and his beginnings as a high-wire walker and how his obsession came to be. He calls this obsession "le coup" and speaks about it like it's a revolution in art. To him, this highly dangerous and highly illegal act is the pinnacle of his art and he pursues it relentlessly.

The film does a good job of conveying this drive chiefly through Joseph Gordon-Levitt's standout performance. He nails the French accent and the attitude of a man bursting with confidence that teeters the line of arrogance. Overall, his character is likable and possesses a certain humor that endears him to the audience.

Look at all that nope.
Look at all that nope.

The film may feel slow to some, as the majority of it can be chalked up as a prologue leading up to the famous walk itself. Luckily, there's a good amount of humor and fun-filled moments to keep the story going until we get to the big day. This is where the film excelled, and where catching the full IMAX experience gives the audience a real sense of perspective. The shots done from high elevations really give you a sinking feeling as the camera pans down. There's a particular scene where our protagonist walks to the very edge of an I-beam jutting out from the edge of the roof. He looks down and you're given a good look at just how high up he actually is. The walk itself is rife with tension as Petit makes multiple passes across the the wire - again, a must in IMAX.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. The story itself is captivating with a healthy mix of humor and tension. However, the 3D took me out of it every now and again. It made me dizzy here and there if I looked at it from the wrong angle. Other than that, the film is engaging and a fun watch, even for those that have no idea who Philippe Petit is. If you have a fear of heights, this movie might be a tough watch at certain times. I personally left the theater with sore stomach muscles from all the anxiety and nervous clenching. A true high-wire experience.

The Walk hits IMAX theaters on September 30th, 2015 and will have a wider theatrical release on October 9th, 2015.


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