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Ron Quintal

I used to live in Massachusetts. Needless to say, there's many old houses, with lots of history there. Lowell, MA is where I called home. I was in my early 20's when this occurred. My Mom, myself, and some chode all lived together.

The occurrences weren't too often. I lived in that house for about 7 years. There was a few times, I'd hear noises, things would be moved to different spots.

One time specifically, I was talking to my Mom, in the living room. I was in front of the TV, she was sitting in a chair across from me. A slight movement catches my eye. I glance over, and see the spiral tea candle holder, levitating, in front of the TV. My mom noticed it as well. The candle holder turns upside down, the tea candles fall out, then the candle holder itself drops. Freaked us out a bit.

Another time, in the same house, I was with my best friend, in the living room. We were the only ones home that day. Watching TV, then all of a sudden there's a loud bang in the kitchen. We get up to check it out, nothing out of place. We go back in the other room, a few minutes later, there's repeated banging, like, a slamming. It definitely sounds like the oven door being slammed, hard. My friend and myself just stare at each other white faced, get up, and see nothing and no one is in there.

Some months later, I was in the basement. Found boxes that belonged to a previous tenant. Those boxes seemingly belonged to a Priest who has long ago passed. All his pictures were very, very old. It made me wonder if it was his presence in the house.

The passing of time continued as normal. Fast forward maybe a year or so. The same friend from before, and a girl were over at my house. The three of us hanging out in my room. Well, this girl is talking about how she is a Satanist. Talking about the Satanic Bible. I bring up to her about the Priest's belongings that were, regrettably still, in my basement. Now, at this time, I had a giant piece of wood leaned against my door frame, because well, I had no door (shenanigans). It was leaned in such a way, and propped, nothing was moving it without intention to do so. Well, as this conversation is happening "something" pushed the faux door backward, then back again towards the door frame, then backwards again. The wood was thrown into a stand that had a butchers block of knives on it. The butchers block was tossed to the ground, with all the knives landing right around my dog, laying in his bed.

Let me tell you, that girl never came back after that. I moved out about a year later, for family reasons, not anything spirit related. I'm thankful most of the experiences happened with a witness around, otherwise of think I was a nut job.


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