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Hello. My name is Jaidan Collins and i'm 17 years old. I'm writing this post now in response to a poll asking whether I'd had a supernatural experience and, as it so happens, it reminded me of something my mother and I had talked about a few days ago.

I don't really tend to remember things in much detail other than a general outline of what happened along with a mental image that reminded me of that moment. I do remember being afraid of the bathroom in my grandmother's house for some reason when I was about 5 or 6 years old and I always felt the need to run down the stairs for some odd reason. The only thing I had to go along with this is what I thought was some kind of Egyptian mummy at the time coming out of the bathroom wall. I always put this up to me being an odd child that was just a little paranoid for no reason.

However, a few days ago, I spoke with my mother about it and it turns out that she remembers the whole ordeal in a lot of detail. She noted that I was genuinely shaken up as if I'd experienced something traumatic or, to throw puns around, like I'd seen a ghost. I talked about it with her for a while and she told me about things I'd say to her about it like how I called the 'mummy' the White Man in the bathroom or how I'd tell her that he was sat on my bed sometimes. Of course, this is all coming from my mother. I don't remember a bit of this so I can't exactly vouch for an accurate re-telling of what I'd said.

When I asked her about what the man looked like, she said I'd told her that he was wearing more of a white dress but only at the front. She then explained that I had no idea what an apron was called so I just referred to it as what the closest item of clothing I knew of, a dress. Maybe the memory of his appearance had just changed over time due to my mind remembering it in different ways each time.

When we got to the meat of the conversation, my mother's thoughts on what I saw, I learned that my Grandmother's friend, a man named Joe Stucky, was in hospital on life support and died four or five days before I started telling her about this 'White Man'. Her theory was that the apron I saw could've been a hospital gown and to this day, she still thinks that the 'White Man' was the ghost of my grandmother's friend, Joe Stucky.

I'm still not sure about any of what we talked about. I know my mother isn't the type to tell ghost stories just to try and freak out her 17 year old son and she looked genuinely concerned thinking about it. She told me that I used to scare the life out of her whenever I talked about it when I was little and she was a little uncomfortable talking about it even now. Either way, saying "I hope it wasn't a supernatural experience" would be a complete lie. I'd be thrilled if I'd actually had a chance to experience a supernatural event and honestly hope that what my mother talked about was true.

- Jaidan Tate Collins


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