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Hello! Today, I am giving my opinion on the things that I want to see in the next trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now I know that two teasers will be shown on CW, one for Superman's role in the film that will be shown during Supergirl, and another will be shown during Gotham showing Bruce Wayne's point of view. But I'm sure we'll get another full trailer of the film. So, let's get started!

1.) Bald Lex Luthor

While we seen Jesse Eisenberg as the titular villain of the movie in the Comic-Con trailer, we didn't see him as pictured above. He wasn't bald, so I'd like to see him as he portrayed in the picture. Maybe the hair was just a wig to keep the public from not talking about his bald head.

2.) Incidents From The Past That Made Him Retire

We need to know why Batman had hung up his cape and went into retirement. We see in the trailer that a Robin suit is displayed in a case. Will we get a brief flashback of Jason Todd's death? Or, will we get Gordon's death and Barbara being paralyzed? It would be nice to add more moodiness to the scenes we've already seen.

3.) Jena Malone's Character

While we don't know for a fact who Jena Malone's character is, many speculate it is Barbara Gordon, AKA Batgirl/Oracle. I'd like to see her as Barbara because she can be part of many future DC movies and help out the Justice League and possibly other heroes as well. Please DC, show us Barbara!

4.) Aquaman

While there is already supposed to be a cameo from the king of Atlantis, we should be given a hint of his presence in the trailer. Maybe give a line and have him say, "We need to unite and protect the world." It would be super sweet.

5.) Ezra Miller's Flash

As The Flash is also set to cameo in the film, give him a quick shot of maybe talking to Batman. It is a rumor that Flash will appear during the desert sequence, and will have a post-apocalyptic looking costume. But, maybe the Scarlet Speedster will run through Metropolis and stop a bank robbery. Or have a news channel do an article on a mysterious new hero.

What did you think? Were my choices okay? Did I miss anything? Make sure to share, comment, and follow! Thanks for reading!


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