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I believe in ghost for so many reasons! First of all, I think ghost are soul who didn't accomplish their mission in life. They're still on Earth for a reason. Sometimes, they just don't realise they are dead, or they didn't want to die. I'm surely not the only one, but I have 3 stories to tell about it. The 3 most weird and scary of the ones I lived.

My older sister died seven years ago and came to me one night. I was crying so hard, my eyes was burning. And that song starts. I was in my room. Alone. My radio was off and there was no cd in it. I heard "Living la vida loca". I know this is kinda weird, but I laugh. Then I said, OK it's time to sleep now! The radio stops and the lights turned off.. I admitted I was a little scared, but I knew it was her. Since this night, it like I've oppened a door. And I can't close it anymore.

I'm in secondary 2, I'm in my bedroom, at my mom's house. It's about 3 or 4 am, I can't sleep. I'm sitting on my bed, in front of my mirror. I was reading a book. I looked up and see I wasn't alone. Right beside me, I can see a silhouette. Someone is staring at me. I looked by my side and can't see nothing. But in the mirror, there is someone with me. At this moment, I felt his breath on my skin. At my right, the bed creak. I wished I was in a dream, but I wasn't sleeping. I panicked and step on the floor. I ran upstairs, hoping it would be gone when I'll get back in my room. I called one of my friend. She didn't want to believe this crazy story. She laughed and tell me to go back in my room, to see if he was still there. I said yes, he is. I looked at him, right in the eyes. Told him he has to go. Told him he wasn't welcome here and that I was afraid. His blues eyes turned sad and I've never seen him again... he just disapeared.. like a cloud of smoke. Paralysed, I've told my friend I have to go. I apologised to the ghost, and slep on the couch, upstairs... for as long as I've lived there.

About four years ago, I was at my dad's this time and I fell asleep in the livingroom. At 2 am, I went in my room, downstairs. When I oppened my eyes, I was in the bathroom, upstairs. Just standing there, looking at the mirror. It was really weird because in the mirror, I wasn't me. I was someone I've never seen before. It was a girl, I can't remember anything but her smile... this smile was not friendly, it was horrible.. I've turned my head around, looking for someone, I was all by myself. I turned the light on and looked at the mirror again.. She was so close, right in my face, looking at me with this smile.. and those eyes... I remember trying to scream, to call my dad but it was impossible. I was paralysed.. looking at her like she was the last thing i would see. But i've got an idea... i turned the light off again. She was gone, and I could barely move, so I've cry, so hard my dad's came out in panic of his room. For the first time of my life, i cried in my dad's arm.

When I get in a place, I cant feel if there is good or bad energy. Sometimes, I don't feel anything. Sometimes, I'm feeling so bad, I have to get out. It's really weird how I cant feel things and energy and see those things, and how other peaple, like maybe you, won't even believe my stories. It's ok to be septic. But this is what happens. What really happens. Comment and share. I want to know YOUR story too!


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