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Temperance Gennaro

Fan theories are one of the most popular trends in the entertainment world today! Fandoms for nearly every show, movie, or book ever written are causing spikes in some amazing and some ridiculous theories behind some of the worlds best filmography!

recently a fan theory to service has rocked everything we THINK we know about The Wizard of Oz, let's break it down.

the Theory is that Dorothy is actually the wicked witch of the east, but not the Dorothy we know and love. Nope, the Dorothy we are looking at is green and grouchy, the total opposite of Ms, Gale.

How is that possible you ask? Easy! It means that there are alternative universes.

Because you know, you were there, and you were there, and you were there too! But who wasn't there? Dorothy herself, and her aunt and uncle. Please. I rather stick with the dream twist we were given when the movie came out.

in a dangerous situation, one where say, we don't know where we are, we don't know who to trust, witches are real, we just landed a house on some poor lady, and suddenly everything is bright and colorful, the last thing you want is to have your aunt and uncle there, of course she didn't dream them there. She would be too afraid they couldn't take care of themselves.

You just can't convince this fan that just because the WWOE wears the same shoe size as Dorothy, it means that it is the alternative her! I need more proof than that! So far, that's all the fans have been able to provide! It was a nice attempt guys and gals! But let's get back to Kansas and figure out what was up with that hanging munchkin?!


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