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Terminator genisys is a fun time at the movies for me personally, and I had no expectations for this film going in so that ment be the reason why I like this film. Because I was expecting it to be a load of crap but actually I was very surprised in just how much fun I had while watching this film. And yes it is definitely not as good as T1 or T2 but it is better than T3 and T4 in my personal opinion. And by the way I am a real big terminator fan, is without further ado lets start the review for terminator genisys.

The good. The action is awesome, I love the fight between the young Arnold Schwarzenegger vs the old Arnold Schwarzenegger ae the terminator. The fight on the bus or the bridge was pretty cool as well. The acting was decent for the most part. The characters I liked. And last but not least Arnold Schwarzenegger is awesome as the terminator in the is film.

The bad. The plot/ story and the time travel element is so confusing and I recommend not paying attention or trying to figure out what the time travel stuff is about because it's all over the place, but some of my problems with this film I can look past just because the movie is entertaining and I did have a lot of fun while watching this film.

Final verdict and rating. Terminator genisys is a lot of fun and it has some great visuals and Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best part of the film. So overall I am going to give terminator genisys a 4.0/5.0

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