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Lately there have been fan made fantasies of comic hero Booster Gold being a part of the DC Universe and whether or not there should be room for him alongside the Man of Steel, Batman and others. I've only heard of this guy a few times, but personally, why not have someone who isn't as widely known or infamous in the world of superheroes? We need some fresh meat.

Out of most heroes, Booster here is a bit of an egomaniac, but does have a big heart. A hero real named Michael Jon Carter from the 25th Century city of Metropolis travels back to our period in time and wants to be a superstar in the eyes of the people (I can just see him pulling off a Mary Katherine Gallagher pose), but has trouble realizing what kind of world he is trying to understand.

For the most part his ego is part of a defense mechanism from being left alone with his twin sister by his gambling ass clown of a dad and had to fend or themselves in a time where technology practically devours the planet. Safe to say he has a complexity for approval and does whatever it takes to get that recognition even if it means taking on villains to mesh his love for glory. He isn't the typical superhero that holds a dear ideal approach with people or hides his reputation for being a nice guy, he's certainly no Batman where he looks at things from a very dark and distinctive level of vigilante prominence.

There have been ideas on bringing him into the DC Universe and the stretch of actors to play him has been a who's who in major movies and tv shows ranging from Ryan Gosling to Nathan Fillion and a few others. There has been a Booster Gold played by Eric Martsolf when he did the hero in Smallville but that's the closest to a major juncture of this guy in a "big" role. There is one guy I can see doing this Character that no one has looked at and that's former Crossing Jordan star Jerry O'Connell. This dude hasn't been in anything major for a few years now as far as I know and his biggest claims to fame were 4 things....Being the fat kid from Stand By Me, being in the movie Calendar Girl with Jason Priestly, Starring in the last few seasons of Crossing Jordan and Marrying Rebecca Romijn. I could very much see this guy taking on a role like this for the Movie version of DC Universe. He's got the body, the looks and he has that witty charm that can easily be planted for an ego-tripping hero if done right.

Jerry O'Connell
Jerry O'Connell

Dye the guy's hair blond, build him up and have a good solid script he can pull it off in my opinion. It's something different and one guy I would like to see come back to a career that started when he was just a kid. Now if we look at this from another angle; Booster Gold came onto the pages of Comics in 1986, the same year O'Connell did Stand By Me, be a hell of a way to be in a movie about a character that started the same year as the actor's career. I do believe he's an underrated actor and has chops that needs a little extra nudge, Gosling is good in some stuff he's in but he's a bit too much of a pretty boy and Fillion has his hands full with Castle and he would be my second choice cause he does have that charm and ego tailor made for Castle. Jerry didn't have the best career in films unlike Gosling who is huge compared to him so why not bring in someone that isn't very huge and could make something out of a character that clearly seems out of place with the Justice League.

Do I see it as the wisest choice? No because Jerry isn't looked at from a place of a top actor and the biggest thing he's known for is being Vern the Scaredy-Cat kid looking for a dead body with his buddies. Look at from that perspective where you have guys who are getting roles and a few of them are huge names so take the guy with a decent resume and pit him in with major characters that can't stand him but yet need him. Be funny to see him with a sidekick that is named Skeets. In the end I'd like to see someone like Jerry gain something back after trying so damn hard to make it in show business. He's made a mark in the 80's at only 11 why not make a mark in his 40's with the role of a lifetime. He can act whether you like it or not, he can do both comedy and drama and those would mesh well together for the Booster Gold character since his ego-raving body has a bit of a comedic side with a tragic and saddened story behind it with the abandonment of his old man and the death of his Sister Michelle.

What do you think? Can you see Jerry being added into the list of guys to play the role? Let me know in your comments.


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