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Who was it?!

We all saw the SDCC trailer of The Flash (If you didn't, go see it now xD). It showed us small parts of all the episodes of Season 1 from the first episode till the last. After that, it showed us what appeared to be a speedster emitting a blue aura and possibly wearing a black suit. Or so I personally thought. When I examined the footage again, there was something I couldn't overlook. A small detail that was impossible to unsee.

What was the detail, you ask?

Well, here it is. The speedster looked like BARRY. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Barry Allen AKA the Flash. Have a close look at this frame from the video.

This. Is. Spartaaaa


Doesn't it look like Barry? In fact, you can almost see the red Flash Chest Piece on the suit this speedster is wearing. He also seems to be screaming. Perhaps Barry is trying to run as fast as possible in order to try once more to save his mother. Or maybe he's just running in rage, remembering but trying to forget all that stuff Eobard Thawne said.

But how can you be so SURE?

I'm not. You see, the world of TV shows and most commonly Superhero TV shows mostly gets its excitement from the "What's gonna happen next?" factor. The predictions and theories make the person watching more interested and engrossed in the show. Similarly, my theory is also based on the same strategy. I'm not sure that's Barry, but at the same time, I'm not sure that's Zoom either. We all think it's Zoom because at the end of the trailer it shows "Zoom is coming" with a blue hue. But I don't think that's Zoom. Not yet, anyways. Also, check out this promo for Season 2 aired on FOX8. (It shows a blue streak Barry).
Now watch me whip.
Now watch me nae nae.

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