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d Director, and it was the best Superman movie too date (Being perfectly honest.) BvS: DoJ being rushed - How.... Are they... Rushing..? Casting is Bad: Wait.. What? Our new Superman actor is bad casting..? Are we even going to talk about the Hawkeye casting they had? or the Nick Fury casting? Zack Synder -Is not a bad director just has a different style. (Spielberg... is a bad fucking director..) They don't know their characters - I.. Could say the exact same thing about Marvel-Fans... They didn't connect the Arrowverse - Kay this one I agree with, and don't... It would of been cool them having a working universe in which they connect both.. But I like the Arrowverse (aside from the heavy-focus on the unneeded Olciity.. Aside from Felecity being everyone's love-intrest.. She's generally annoying, and whiny.) Everything is Dark, and Gritty - ....................... Aquaman. Too Much Batman - Wait... It's DC's fault that everyone want's Batman shit? They're striving to make more movies about other characters. But I mean if we're being honest here isn't there too much Iron Man? Marvel is way better - Wait... Isn't that an opinion? Overall people are just stupid.

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