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We are back Oncers. Ready for season 5?

We begin our journey not right where we left off, but instead in a blast to the past. We go to year 1989 when young Emma is going to the movies with her fellow orphan friends. They are going to watch a delighting movie that tells the legend of a boy who pulled a sword from a stone. This ain't no ordinary boy, neither this is an ordinary sword. Excalibur and Arthur have stepped into the picture. But also a mysterious man has sat next to Emma and warned her not to take the sword from the stone when the time came.

Emma sadly did just that.

Before jumping back to our know heroes, we now take a trip to Camelot, where three men in shining armors gallop through the forest. These men include Lancelot, Arthur and a third unknown man whose name wasn't mentioned. They found the stone with the sword and they find a fourth man too. This man tries to take the sword first, but he is turned into dust!

Yep. That happened. Can Arthur take the sword out?

Yes, he does. The sword is out, but there's a problem there.... it is not complete. The sword is missing the tip and this tip might actually look quite familiar to many. You see, the dagger that controls the Dark One would be a perfect fit to that sword. Am I crazy to think they are two pieces that belong together. I don't think I'm crazy. But I'll let you be the judge of that.

Now, finally, we are back to out heroes. Here they are in the same street where they just saw Emma vanished. Hook tries to call her, but nothing happens and Regina points out that Emma is not in their world.

Queue to Emma, she is actually being pushed out of the darkness hole? That same old insignia or seal where the Dark One is born from. In the middle of that puddle of ooze black liquid stands Emma, and she's immediately greeted by none other than the previous Dark One, Rumpelstiltskin.

Rump tells Emma that he is his guide to become the Dark One, once she's embraced her dark powers he will be gone. And she will have fully become the darkest being on the realms. But Emma is not willing to use her powers, however, she can't control them either, and in her quest to find a way to get rid of them, she comes to find Merida.

That's right! Our wonderful and brave princess is on her own new quest to retrieve her brothers from a captor. And they team up for a bit, she tells Emma that together they can go to where the wasps are born and that then both can be granted what they are looking for. However, Rumpel reveals to Emma that once the wasp has been used, the powers will be useless to the next person and he subtly suggest Emma has to kill Merida.

Poor Emma, all she hears after that is that she must embrace her darkness and kill the person standing in her way. That means kill Merida.

In the other hand, our other heroes are trying to figure out a way to go to where Emma is, and the sorcerer's apprentice gives them a plan. They key to a portal is a magical wand, filled with pure light magic but that must be yield by a dark power. Since Regina's power is not enough, they decided to try a wicked option.

Hook, is so desperate to get to Emma, that he thinks joining forces with Henry and helping Zelina escape is a great plan! (Not a great plan guys, not great). Thankfulluy Regina is always one step ahead. Our Evil Queen knows escaped Zelina will go to capture they boy toy she has feelings for. So Robin is used to bargain for the wand. And it seems that Regina sacrifices the only way to get to Emma for Robin, but in reality... she has a plan.

Since the spell to open the portal has weakened Zelina, Regina uses the opportunity to trap Zelina's wrist again and making her unable to control the portal, and now, using Emma's baby blanket and Granny's as a transportation device, everyone inside the cafeteria is flown via a tornado to wherever Emma is.

Emma is right about to kill Merida, she has found her after the brave princess ran away knowing that Emma was conversing with Rumpel about maybe killing her. Not that Emma wanted to really kill her. But you know. If you hear your traveling companion talking alone in the night, you would be a bit scared too!

Merida tries to fight off Emma, but since she's the Dark One, the princess is no match to her powers, so influenced by Rumpel Emma takes Merida's heart out and is about to crush it when her family and friends arrive to stop her.

Emma thinks she must do what Rumpel says or she would never be fixed. Snow, on the other hand, is about to order Emma via the dagger not to do it, but as Hook points, it has to be Emma's choice.

Thankfully Emma decides not to kill Merida, and all of them then go back to Granny's, now located in the middle of the forest. There they are found by Arthur and its men, as prophesized by Merlin itself. And according to Arthur, it is together that they will find Merlin.

So everyone is off to Camelot now, and the doors to the kingdom are open while Emma and Hook walk hand in hand. So cute!

But then! The worse happens.

Six weeks after, we find our heroes at Granny's dressed as if still in Camelot, they don't know exactly what happened after they entered the castle, but what they know is that Emma is now fully embracing her darkness. She, in those six weeks that no one recalls (again) has become... The Dark One.


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