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When I was living with my mom We had 2 dogs ,a chocolate lab (Maggie) and a yellow lab (Marly). Marly was sleeping in my moms room and the lights were off and I was go to wash my hands in my moms bathroom when a dark colored dog walked passed me and I pet it. When I got out of the bathroom I asked my mom were Maggie went but she said she hadn't seen her for a while. I thought that was wired because she would have seen her walk out of the room. I went to my sisters room and saw Maggie sleeping on my sisters bed and asked her how long she had bin there. She told me she had bin there for about an hour. But I know I pet something.

And there was more things that happened in that house. One time me and my sister were playing hid-and-seek in the dark in the basement with friends and family and my sister was hiding in a cupboard and she saw a man walk by and stop in front of it staring at her then slammed the door shut on her. And we all herd it and she came running out of the cupboard and we all ran upstairs after her. I don't think we played in the dark in the basement anymore after that.

When my little brother was 5 or 6 he told us he ran into and old lady wearing what looked like a really old black dress and something covering her face. He was in the basement coming up the steps and ran into her. She didn't say anything but it really scared him. I think he had nightmares for a while after that.

Something also pulled on my moms leg when she was sleeping. She thought it was just my dad messing with her cuz she saw a man standing at the bottom of the bed but when she looked beside her he was asleep. And when she looked back the man was gone. She woke my dad up and he looked around the hole house but didn't see anything. And all the doors were locked.

All of this happened in the same house. My sisters and have moved out since then but my two younger brothers still live there. They say they still here and see things sometimes.


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