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Tyler Ourada

So after seeing both The Visit (which I liked) and The Green Inferno (which was just unpleasant) I felt that I just wanted to see a light hearted comedy. So I saw Th Intern starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. and did I like it? Yes I did. It's nothing ground breaking or amazing. but it was a fun movie.

While the beginning was kind of boring. It picks up about a third to half way, with a scene that involves Anne Hathaway sending an E-mail to the wrong person. And it just keeps going up from there.

All in all The Intern is just a fun light hearted movie, that I would even call cute at times. If you just want a fun movie, that doesn't involve anyone getting ripped to shreds, or blown up, i would recommend the Intern.

And also, Anne Hathaway is pretty hot


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