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I come from an isolated community and lived in a house with 8 other people. I shared a room with my sisters until our house got extended. The lot where our house was built on had been an old docking site for ships that came in. And it was also a former cemetery. And elders from the community say that some bodies were never removed from the sight because they didn't have grave markings. One night, my sister came up asking if she can sleep with me so she took my bed, as I slept on the floor. We both fell asleep, and I got woken up by a book falling from the shelf beside my head. As I opened my eyes, an old lady appeared worried. As I was still not completely awake, I hadn't processed anything that was going on until she said; " Help me, if you can't get out. Help me if they won't let you leave . " I was so freaked out, I jumped up from my make shift bed on the floor and turned on the light. The lady was gone, and my alarm clock went off. I still cant put a name to the face, but it still haunts me sometimes in my dreams.


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