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I am not a movie critic, I am just a guy who loves movies

Transformers age of extinction is a film that gets a lot of hate, but I personally really enjoy it. It's kinda like a guilty pleasure for me personally and actually think that all of the transformers films are guilty pleasure for me personally.

Movie 8/10 (B+)

The movie is fun with eye poping visuals and stunning action scene and breath taking cinematography, but again it has a lot of problem that I can realise but overall a fun time at the movie's in my personal opinion.

Picture quality 5.0/5.0

The picture quality is truly amazing on this blu-ray release the picture quality is truly worth the price of the purchase alone.

Audio quality 5.0/5.0

The sound is perfect and its so load and booming and crystal clear as well.

Special features 4.5/5.0

There are some very interesting features on this blu-ray release and I do think that all the transformers films do have great special features. So overall the special features are very good.

Final score and recommendation. 4.75/5.0

In conclusion transformers age of extinction is a true great blu-ray release, but the film is heavy flawed but overall I think that this is really good time at the movies so transformers age of extinction blu-ray release gets a 4.75 ou tof 5.0 and it comes in highly recommended if you are a fan of the series, but if your not then, don't even bother.

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