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When i was about 11 years old i was sharing a room with my sister who had a full length mirror on the wall (this mirror was not coming off) . Well one night she was gone, I had woken up out of no where, for no reason.

When I woke up and tried sitting up i found it difficult to. After a couple minutes I was finally able to sit up.

I knew something was wrong; I could sense it. I glanced over at the mirror and saw two red glowing lights. We hadnt had an alarm clock and the windows were blacked out, so I know that it wasnt supposed to be there.

The next thing I know i see and hear the mirror being taken off of the wall. I could hear the paint pealing. It was held in mid-air for a couple seconds and the lifted up and dropped to a shattered mess on the carpet. I could hear some of the shards being sifted through as well.

I knew i was being "haunted" but i never knew by what until someone told me. Im being haunted by my guardian angel, Lucifer a.k.a. Satan or the Devil. At first i didnt belive it, so i went to see someone else and they told me the same thing. Just to be sure i went somewhere else to see and they too said the same thing.

My Guardian Angel is Lucifer.

I was frightend at forst. I wasnt sure what to expect. The Devil was my angel? That couldnt be. Well apparently it could be true. He is an angel after all...


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