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Hey guys , my name is Aleshag and I love movies. I will be giving you all the updated movie news that everyone wants to know.
Alesha Gilliam

The has been busy this weekend with , and the one I watched . The Intern was a cutie , funny , and eye opening type of movie. With great on screen chemistry between Robert and Anne you could truly feel the connection between them as the movie moved forward. I think a nice calm fashion forward movie such as this one is a breath of fresh air with some great moments of thrown into it. The one thing that I didnt like is the run time of 2 hours. I dont feel it was nessecary for this movie to be so long, they could have cut some scenes out for sure to make sure the audience didnt get bored. However visually it was bright and beautiful making it feel at home or at least the home you wish you had. If you dont mind the run time you will truely enjoy this movie. This is a great girls night out , Mom and daughter date or even a nice date night, but gentlemen watch out this is a definitlly a chick flick. but you might learn some things from it. I give it Two Thumbs up. and a 7.1 out 10 stars.


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