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Ridley Scott has been making the rounds to talk about his upcoming film The Martian but, of course, he also had to speak about the upcoming sequel to Prometheus. Earlier this week he revealed that the title of Prometheus 2 was going to be Aliens: Paradise Lost which got people scratching their heads. What does the title reveal about the potential theme of the movie? What does it mean? And other deep stuff like that. As it turns out, Prometheus was almost called Paradise and the title itself goes back even further. When poked for an answer by Empire Magazine, he had this to say.

“Years ago, I kept mulling over what Alien 2 could be. I was fiddling around with some ideas. I was always fascinated with why this thing [the xenomorph] would be made, by whom, and for what purpose? The planet it was on – and I was looking at the dark side of the moon – would be called Paradise. Paradise is a very ominous word...”

The story of the sequel has Noomi Rapace's character, Dr. Shaw, finding her way to the Engineer's planet which I can only assume is "Paradise" in this case. Will the reference to the Milton poem go full blast? Is Dr. Shaw actually the snake in the garden that will wrest Paradise from the hands of the Engineers? Will she finally get to truly face her makers and get her questions answered? Was every religious deity ever just an Engineer coming to say "sup"? I have no idea. I just hurt my own head thinking about it too much. However, he did have this much to say about the title change.

“In a way it is Prometheus 2. It’s exactly the same story. But it was always in the works to be called that [Alien: Paradise Lost]. Is Prometheus actually taking us off course from where I’m going, which is actually backing into the first Alien... I’ve even got connections with Ripley [in this], but I’m not telling you what.”

Of course he's not going to tell us. He needs to keep that in the pocket for the next three movies or so. Either way, I'm pretty excited for what's to come. We'll have to wait though, Aliens: Paradise Lost looks to be rolling out sometime in 2017. It gives us plenty of time to ruminate on the big questions, right? Like what are they going to do with David's head?

If you haven't seen the original Prometheus, check out the trailer below.

Are you excited for the sequel to Prometheus?

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