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Alesha Gilliam

Alright, it feels so good to be back at the movies. It's been to long since I enjoyed a good movie at the good old fashioned theater. Now I'm that I'm back I'm coming back strong with Heavy Hitter as the good old fashioned the Irish mobster from Boston who took over and became one of the biggest names in the history of crime. Definitely a hands down, a great movie with some scenes that would send chills down your spine. This is for sure some of the best work by Johnny that I have seen him do. Johnny Depp was scary good and when you looked at those icy blue eyes you new he was coming to get you if you messed up . It dives deep into his enterprises and what the aftermath was but a gritty badass movie that definitely is great for a boys night out or even a date nite. You got to see this movie especially since we have heard form Whitey Bulger himself from prison saying that he was offended by the movie. When someone like his is offended then you know they did something write. I give it


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