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hey guys! so first, thank you sooooooo muchhhh for the 40,000 reads! I can't believe it! thank for the support!

so back to the good stuff, if we count the amount of boys vs the amount of girls in the avengers movies, you can obviously see that the women are outnumbered here.

for the boys, we have captain America, iron man, thor, hulk, Hawkeye, vision, falcon, war machine, winter solider, ant man, black panther, and also spider man

for the girls, we have black widow, scarlet witch, wasp (maybe) and with a huge stretch Maria Hill and agent 13

so it is obvious that the girls are completely lacking. and even thought scarlet Johannsson and Elizabeth Olsen are awesome as the two main women so far, here are my picks for the avenger ladies that need to join the MCU

I think cap agrees
I think cap agrees

1. she hulk

we all love hulk, so what can be better is if you add a little spice with the female version of the bad green

I have already heard tones of people asking for Jennifer Walters to appear on the big screen with her cousin Bruce Banner, as she is a key player of the avenger's storyline, and also, a pretty badass character since 1992.

Jennifer turned into she hulk when she was wounded, and needed to get a blood donation from a relative. the only one around was Bruce, aka Hulk, who donated his gamma radiated blood to her, turning her to a more friendly but as deadly version of the hulk. now she possesses super strength and a permeant green screen, isn't it awesome?

2. spider woman

like the previos woman, what is better than a sexier version of our friendly neighborhood spider man

multiple people have had the honor to use the name spider woman, but the most notable is thee original Jessica Drew, who started around the early 1980's. like probably all the characters on the list, she is a key player in the story line of the team.

experimented on by Hydra, she was sent to kill nick fury. then she was shown the real motivation behind Hydra, and will eventually turn into a superhero working for shield and the avengers.

3. black cat

is she really a hero or is she a villain? lets bring spidey with some allies!

Felicia Hardy was a college freshman, when her boyfriend raped her. after that happened, she decided she will not be a victim anymore and train herself to the top of top. literally. she is a skilled street fighter above the tall buildings of NYC. she is a pretty interesting character, as her relationship with the new introduced spidey can make an awesome sequence on the big screen.

now I know she did appear in the amazing spiderman 2 but did that even count?

4. mockingbird

Hawkeye is probably the most forgettable member in the avengers movies. and we already know marvel wanted him to have a bigger role in AOU, so why not make it even bigger with love interest Bobbi Morse

Barbara "Bobbi" Morse first appeared for a few panels in 1971, but than made her first big role 1972. she is a trained agent of shield that has a complex love life and is genius biologist and expert fighter

now I know, I know, that in AOU Hawkeye is married and has children but why not make this part of the plot a little more, well, tense. this could be the perfect opportunity to not only bring out more of fan favorite Hawkeye, but also add an awesome new member to the team.

so this is my list! but I'm completely fine with just having more of this

cause why not?
cause why not?

so those are the five women that I think should join the MCU! I hope you enjoyed this article!


what lady should join the avengers in the MCU?


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