ByKayla Mae, writer at

The show itself is literally tasteless, immature humor. A reboot of the original? NOT EVEN CLOSE. Starfire used to be intelligent, Beastboy used to be funny, Raven used to be hardcore, Robin used to be selfless, Cyborg used to be a techie, and don't even get me started on the secondary characters. What has been done to this show is an abomination against all of us that loved the original. There's no more action, no more love interest, no more anything that was beloved about Teen Titans to begin with. I miss the intricate, intertwining episodes that had a plot. The few episodes of Teen Titans Go! that I've seen have zero plot. If anything, it only deserved a miniseries, and even THAT is pushing it. CN should be bringing back the orginal. They should've brought it back a long time ago, when the original shows fans actually enjoyed watching it, then again what can we expect from a network that pushes out nothing but crap these days. I mean, Uncle Grandpa? I lose brain cells even typing the name of it. And Stephen Universe? That's just a bunch of mish mash. I liked the original CN, when we had shows like TT, Dexter's Laboratory, Ed Edd and Eddy, etc. Where is that? What in the hell has happened to TV these days? Bring the original back, or at the very least take this shit off the air and stop trying to reboot it. Stick to what you know, or don't do anything with the show at all.


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