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Fallout 4 inches ever closer as we approach its highly anticipated release this November 10th. Until then, gamers have been finding as many ways as possible to gain access to the commonwealth. But none as effectively as YouTuber Mitch L who has recreated a barren segment of the post-apocalyptic world in the heart of GTA's Blaine County.

The short film follows our iconic sole survivor as he makes his way through the remains of what appears to be an old salvage yard. But as any post-apocalyptic fantasy fan will tell you, these scrap yards are always laden with big tattoo sporting yardies.

The Video

Our survivor makes his way through the undergrowth and up to a roof in order to get a better view of what he can salvage. It is at this point we meet our first bad guy.

This angry yardie is wielding a baseball bat and an even worse attitude. He clubs our leading man in the back of the head, pushes him to the floor and then beats him a little more for good measure.

But our guy is not ready to give up just yet, he jumps up and delivers a knockout punch, pulls out his gun and follows with a few rounds to the chest. It is here we get the good old XP drop familiar to all us Fallout players.

We move on from there into the yard itself. Gun drawn our hero pops off rounds and fells a few more yardies, the situation now seems to be in control - that is, up to the point we hear the inevitable click of a weapon that is out of ammunition. A swift "Crap" is uttered as a large group of outlaws come looming round the corner.

Our hero attempts to run but is chased down. This is when the traditional group beating begins, as each member takes it in turns to take a swing at our fallen hero. But in their haste to beat our survivor into a bloody pulp, they fail to spot a very large and very scary looking figure behind them. An unknown character is pointing a minigun right at them! The rest is for you to watch and enjoy.

Using the GTA 5 editor this talented gamer has provided us with just a small taste of what is to come in Fallout 4 next month. Fallout 4 is going to be a totally life altering experience. With over 400 hours of gameplay and almost limitless combinations of customization and construction, I foresee that Fallout 4 will outlast any other title releasing in the coming years.

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