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There's only a month to go now until Grimm returns to our screens for the Season 5 premiere and, following the events of the Season 4 finale, I think it's fair to say that this season may be the most highly anticipated yet.

Season 4 left us with ex-hexenbiest Adalind Schade pregnant by Nick Burkhart, Kelly Burkhardt killed and beheaded by the Verrat (unfortunate) and the hexenbiest-turned, love of Nick's life Juliette Silverton shot dead by Trubel following her part in Kelly's death.

Basically it was an unlucky season to be a Grimm girl.

"What's in the box?"
"What's in the box?"

The first teaser trailer has been released now, and though it told us bits and pieces about the upcoming seasons most of what we've learned was gleaned from interviews with the cast and crew over the past few months. Let's recap the most important things we've learned about Grimm Season 5 so far...

Vengeance Is The Name Of The Game

As we've seen from the promo posters Nick is set on a path of vengeance this time around, and co-creator David Greenwalt has promised that this will change the tone of the show in Season 5.

"I totally agree that [Juliette's death is] going to change the show's course. I think it's going to be even darker still in a way. You know, it's not going to be the same Grimm. It's not the same dynamic anymore."

Whilst Grimm has usually involved the human Nick struggling with his Grimm side it looks like the tables may turn here, as the trailer suggests that Nick is indeed going down a darker path than we've seen before.

The Nick-Zombie subplot aside
The Nick-Zombie subplot aside

Nick's single-mindedness ends up getting him suspended from work by Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) and alienating his friends Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) when they try to help him.

Juliette Isn't Coming Back

Despite actress Bitsie Tulloch's admissions on Twitter that she'd like to return to the show, co-creators Greenwalt and James Kouf have repeatedly confirmed that the love of Nick's life is truly dead and gone.

Kouf: "Juliette’s dead."
Greenwalt: "She’s gone."

Of course, being dead and gone in the Grimm universe doesn't prove quite the same problem that it does in reality, just ask Capt. Renard. But again Greenwalt dashes the hopes of fans, responding in the negative when asked if she can be brought back to life. I guess anything could happen long term but it looks like she's not going to be back, not in Season 5 at least (though honestly, do you think they'd tell us if she was?)

The Seven Keys

The Second Key
The Second Key

Some good news, it looks like we're finally going to learn the mystery of the Seven Keys, and the mysterious treasure that they hold.

"At last, we’re going to explain the damn keys! We still don’t know what they do, but by God, we’re going to explain it." - Greenwalt

The Seven Keys belonged to seven knights (ancestors of the modern-day Grimms) working for the Seven Families way back in the 12th century. The Seven Keys, when put together, supposedly reveal a map leading to a treasure the knights brought back from Constantinople following the Fourth Crusade. We don't know what the treasure is but the Royal Families are desperate to get their hands on it as it's supposed to be an artefact so powerful that it would enable them to rule the world.

The map formed by two of the keys
The map formed by two of the keys

Not even the Royals know what the treasure is but Renard suggested it could be one of the following things, according to legend:

  • the sword of the prophet Muhammad
  • the key to unlocking alchemy (changing metal into gold, and other transmutations)
  • the secret to immortality
  • the nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus, perhaps even with pieces of the Cross itself

Whatever it is, hopefully it's worth all the trouble of the Royals being a right pain in the arse.

Speaking of the Royals...

According to Sasha Roiz, the Royal Family won't have such a prevalent narrative in Grimm Season 5:

"There’s a lot of political opportunity for [Renard] coming up, at least regionally. We’re getting back to a lot of the mythology of Season 1."

Doubtless this has something to do with the King taking a parachute-less jump out of a plane, courtesy of Diana (Sloane McGinnis) and Meisner (Damien Puckler). Following his death and the Resistance having possession of Diana, it's likely that the Royals will have to retreat to lick their wounds for a time before returning to the forefront of the action, allowing Renard to slink back into politics in their absence.

Divided By Ideology, United As Parents?

David Giuntoli (who portrays Nick) has teased that, whilst Nick will be out for revenge against the world in Season 5, he'll have to juggle this crusade with the responsibilities of being a new father to a half-Grimm half-Hexenbiest child mothered by the woman who started the chain of events which led to Juliette's death. That's going to be awkward at parties.

However, it does look like Nick and Adalind (Claire Coffee) are going to find some accord for the sake of the child:

"[Nick] lost his girlfriend, he lost his mom … and the baby is kind of the reason for him to keep going." Giuntoli
"This baby is all [Adalind]'s got in the world. She’s lost her powers, again, but I think this time the focus will be the baby and finding a job." - Coffee

When asked by TVLine if the writers would entertain the idea of pairing up and Nick and Adalind romantically during Season 5 Greenwalt and Kouf responded in a weirdly positive manner:

Greenwalt: "Well, something’s gotta happen, one way or the other. He’s gotta be responsible for the child."
Kouf: "He’s got a child and he’s got to step up at some point. He knows he can’t abandon his child. He was abandoned."
TVLine: "Apart from that, for themselves, do you think Nick and Adalind could ever be attracted to each other?"
Kouf: "I think they have to try."

Personally the idea of pairing up the two of them sounds like a complete train-wreck that goes totally against the established background and their character development, but hey it's your show guys.

Do you think Nick and Adalind should get together, or was Juliette the love of his life? What else do you want to see in Season 5? Let us know in the comments!


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