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Can you believe it was 12 years ago that Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis starred in remake of the 1976 classic Freaky Friday?!

Yep, 12 years ago after receiving a fortune cookie at Pei Pei's Chinese restaurant, Anna (Lohan) and her mother Tess (Curtis) swapped bodies for a wild adventure, and journey of ultimate appreciation for each other. Caught up in the middle of Anna and Tess's weird swap was Anna's little brother, Harry. While Harry seemed like a typical annoying little brother at the start of the film, it was later revealed he actually really admired his older sister, naww!

So while we already know what happened to Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis following Freaky Friday, whatever happened to Ryan Malgarini a.k.a. Harry? Well turns out, he's all grown up!

Malgarini is no longer the little 11-year-old he was when Freaky Friday was released - he's now a strapping lad of 23!

Ryan is still acting, and most recently starred in the TV series I Didn't Do It and Resident Advisors, as well as the movie The Young Kieslowski. The film collected a number of awards as it did the festival rounds, including the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and Best Independent Feature Film at the 2015 Cleveland International Film Festival.

Aside from his acting talents, Malgarini is also talented in other creative fields, namely music!

He also fancies himself a bit of comedian...

And, despite it being 12 years since he did this in Freaky Friday...

He's obviously still proud of the film, given that he recently retweeted Miley Cyrus imitating his younger self:

It's great to see all these years later that Ryan Malgarini is still acting, and looks to be doing really well for himself (perhaps he could give his former on-screen sister, Lindsay a lesson?), can't wait to see what you do next, Ryan!

Source: MTV


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