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Do you remember when The Tale of the Three Brothers is introduced in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Remind yourself of the movie adaptation of the Hallows legend from the movie:

Although in the book, the tale is told by Xenophilous, as you can see, in the film version, it is voiced by Hermione (Emma Watson). However, it has now been revealed that an entirely different character was almost chosen to re-tell the epic tale on-screen.

Harry Potter alum, Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), has revealed this fascinating piece of information during a fan expo in Australia last weekend.

According to the Irish actress, J.K. Rowling spent a long time agonizing over who would narrate the critical part of the movie, heavily considering having Newt Scamander's grandson Rolf do it. And if you remember correctly, he's the wizard that Luna Lovegood eventually goes on to marry!

When filming of the final movie was underway, Evanna said that she would receive numerous messages from J.K. about whether or not Rolf would be included. Apparently the various correspondence the actress got from the renowned author went along the lines of:

He’s in, he’s out, he’s in, sorry, he’s out.

Since Luna marries Rolf, J.K. deemed it fully appropriate that Evanna was aware of the plot information before the public was.

Sadly, it all ends there because the actress did not elaborate any further on why exactly Rolf was being considered to tell The Tale of Three Brothers. Could it be to introduce Luna's future husband and give his character more weight in the movies? He never actually appeared in the Harry Potter books!

Perhaps a quick tweet to J.K. Rowling would solve the mystery - after all, she's all for giving us tiny tidbits of information regarding the Wizarding World these days, isn't she?



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