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Sobering news from Avalanche, the creators of the Mad Max game today, as an Easter egg found in their latest game title looks to spell the death of the much loved and hugely iconic video game series, Half Life.

Brace yourself, the following announcement contains graphic images and scenes that some readers may find distressing - Gordon Freeman, star and leading man in the Half Life series is dead!

Player Swagmastavondagmasta stumbled upon this hugely controversial Easter egg while exploring the Grit Canyons. (Northeast of the southern camp. No too far from the convoy you'll find crates and the corpse.)

The Body

The player first saw the rotting body of an unfortunate fellow with only one arm. Upon closer inspection, the corpse seemed to display some rather familiar qualities.

Note the glasses, the same - or darn close to the same ones that Freeman wears throughout the Half Life series.

The Severed Arm

If you then look up and to the left, you will see a collection of crates and the rest of the deceased.

The arm is clearly clutching the crow bar, which has become synonymous with Half Life throughout the video game industry.

The '3'

If you then look at the side of the crate that the arm lies upon, you will see a large number three written in red in exactly the same font that the Half Life team use as default.

What Does This All Mean?

The cold and utterly unwanted truth seems to be inevitable. Glasses, crowbar, number "3" and crates!? Put this tragic scene together and it leads us to believe that this may be indicative of the death of Half Life star, Gordon Freeman. Dispelling any and all rumors that support the theory of a new Half Life game being released.

Although this does, absolutely and unequivocally spell the death of the Half Life series as far as Avalanche is concerned, remember that this could all just be another hoax.

Dont forget that Dying Light hit us with a similar Half Life 3 Easter egg last year.

Half a corpse stuck to the wall with a buzzsaw blade and a gas pipe protruding from the chest with a valve on the end.

Is this something that Valve has paid other developers to do to dispel the rumors in preparation for some grand reveal? Or do they know something we don't?

Either way, these are great chunks of video game gold and I can't wait to see what comes out next. With the sheer amount of colossal gaming titles releasing this year, I had all but forgotten about Half Life 3, but now it's all I can think about - if this is some very clever marketing campaign from Valve, I tip my hat!

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