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Yesterday the internet went into a frenzy after it was announced that production company Morgan Creek is selling off their film library, and therefore that a remake of The Exorcist could possibly be in the works.

Morgan Creek is selling the domestic rights to 78 films in its library, which include Ace Venture, Major League and True Romance "for economic reasons," however as Joblo explained, as part of any sale Morgan Creek would retain remake rights for five titles, one of which being The Exorcist.

But while hopes were being raised by some (and pitchforks were being sharpened by others), Exorcist director William Friedkin posted a response to all the rumors:

Which he then followed up with:

So there you have it, as much as you may have hoped that it could possibly be true, it seems like Friedkin knows what he's talking about on the matter of his most famous film, and a remake of The Exorcist is off the cards. Though I guess that does leave the possibility for a remake of The Exorcist III or Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist open... Any takers?

UPDATE 9/29/2015: Production company, Morgan Creek have now also responded to the rumors, and have confirmed that they will never attempt an Exorcist remake:

So, with all that out the way, I guess the real question is: What are our chances of an Ace Ventura remake, Morgan Creek?

Source: Joblo


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