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I love cinema! I have a special affinity for the science fiction, fantasy, and superhero genres.

This article takes an inventory of the technology we know Batman has in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and then speculates about what might be cool to see him use not just in BvS but also in Suicide Squad, Ben Affleck's rumored Batman trilogy (The Batman is at least confirmed) and the DCEU's two slated Justice League movies.

Alfred Pennyworth to Bruce Wayne in BvS:

You're going to go to war...

At this point the logical assumption from the most recent trailer is that this is in reference to battling Superman, who for some reason Batman has come to regard as a dire potential threat to humankind. Some sort of scheme masterminded by Lex Luthor will likely play a key role in shaping this perception.

At any rate, Batman's high tech gadgets are a cornerstone feature for the character, and it looks like he'll be impressively equipped for BvS.

We know that in preparation for Superman Batman will design a mech-suit (per Zack Snyder impregnated with Kryptonite and strength-enhacing):

Looks like the suit works pretty darn good:

This film's Batmobile looks great, imo. Although not a tank as in Frank Miller's graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns (a chief source of inspiration for BvS), it does feature a machine gun on the hood. In TDKR the vehicle's guns fired rubber bullets. Honestly, I'd say it's actually anyone's guess whether BvS's Batman will use real bullets. (Perhaps it can fire both kinds?)

The Batplane looks equally impressive, and although we don't know for sure whether it is actually being controlled by Batman in the .gifs below from the trailer, it can lay down some serious firepower.

Batman will apparently have a grappling gun rifle (as seen also in TDKR).

And he will of course also have his ever trusty grappling gun pistol.

It looks like this Batman may have decided that guns are acceptable after all, although perhaps the ammo may be non-lethal.

naturally, there will be Batman's utility belt which hopefully will see some clever use in BvS.

He'll have high tech helmets (or at least one, but presumably this is one of many).

The Batsuit for this film is evidently made of flexible Kevlar fabric, which is a welcome departure from the thick rubber armored suits from years past.

Batman's cowl looks like a hard-shell polymer.

The traditional cape and cowl are iconic and seem must-have for Batman. The cape isn't exactly practical... or is it?... Actually, here begins my speculation.

Bat-cape as a Cloaking (Invisibility) Device)

In a recent article about the viability of superhero capes cape here by Derpetta V. Greene at Moviepilot, I argued that a traditional cape would be a liability in combat. The opponent can easily grab hold of a cape to gain an advantage in any number of ways. I should think that therefore the cape must at the very least have a breakaway feature. But I would also add that real life cloaking technology exists even now for the military (see video below). And surely this would be something that would prove indispensable to Batman:

A Batcape equipped with a feature that, upon activation, can make Batman virtually invisible seems a no-brainer. This makes the large size of the cape make a bit more sense as well.

The Cowl as Communication Device to the Bat Cave/Oracle

The hard-shell cowl should have embedded within it super-encrypted and ENP-proof communications technology to connect to Batman's central mainframe computer in the Bat Cave. The helmet should feature digital masking of Batman's voice, as we heard in the first trailer when he is wearing the mech-suit (i.e., when he says "Tell me. Do you bleed? You will!"). This eliminates the need for the now hokey disguise of using a husky, gravelly voice.

As discussed in this article, there is good reason to speculate that Batman may be under surveillance by Amanda Waller. If so, then he will in turn need to counter-spy on the government that is striving to learn all that it can about him.

see link in paragraph above
see link in paragraph above

In keeping with Zack Snyder's vision of what DC's superheroes might look like if they actually existed in our real world, it would make sense for Batman to have "Jarvis"-like AI technology a la Marvel's Tony Stark. This isn't so much a matter of copying what another superhero has but updating to the real tech world. I think it likely however that in order to differentiate this from Iron-Man, DC will use Barbara Gordon as Oracle. (It has been rumored that Jena Malone may appear in the film, and if so it would make sense for her to have this part.)

It's a role that viewers are familiar from based on the television show 24, with Chloe O'Brian serving as Jack Bauer's surveillance and intelligence eye-in-the-sky and voice-in-the ear. We've also seen such characters in the DC TV shows Arrow and Flash.

Because Barbara/Oracle can't be there 24/7 perhaps there could be an AI program that Barbara will create using her own voice? Anyway, it will be interesting to see if something along these lines materializes in BvS.

Drone Technology for Batarangs (?)

I will not be surprised if Batman's batarangs use drone technology. And I say this because they really do not appear to be all that aerodynamically designed.

Then again, if they are equipped with drone technology the batarangs would require a virtually infallible auto-destruct feature to prevent them from falling into enemy hands, which despite mega-encryption still theoretically increases the risk of hacking the Bat Cave's computer server.

Anyway, some other real life military technologies that have been developed (or are under development) that perhaps Batman could use:

Microwave Sonic Ray

There is tech now for a helmet that emits a microwave sonic blast to disable an enemy with a deafening signal that only they can hear (see here).

PHaSR gun

The PHaSR is a gun that blinds and disorients using light (see here).

Taser Shockwave

Taser an entire crowd (see here).

Pain Ray

Using electromagnetic waves this weapon causes intense pain to the skin (see here).

Robotic Spy Insects

"Flybots," they're called (see here).

Smart Bullets

Batman won't be using bullets to kill, but he could use some sort of bullet that bursts to blind or explode with a disabling gas, etc., within a meter of a target. Bullets can now be made that essentially behave like a heat-seeking missile for a specific target (see here).

Fabrics Engineered to Mimic Animal Kingdom Capabilities

A fabric has been engineered to mimic the properties of a gecko's skin such that it that will adhere to slippery surfaces (see here).

Brain-scanning Helmet

A helmet has been developed that can scan someone's brainwaves, which of course can reveal various types of information (see here).

3D Rendering of Every Person Inside a Building

This technology once it is fully developed will show every person inside a building (see here).

Panoramic Contact Eye Lenses

Contact lenses hae been developed that provide a panoramic view (see here).

Or Whatever Batman (and Lucius Fox ?) Can Dream Up

There's no indication that we'll see Lucius Fox in BvS, but if he does appear in Ben Affleck's solo Batman film, The Batman, then it will be interesting to see what sorts of real world types of Buck Rogers tech he dreams up for the Caped Crusader.

What sorts of technology and gadgetry would you like to see for Batman as he continues to get developed in the DCEU?


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