ByBen Jammin Higgs, writer at

So here is my first Lego photograph, where I started.

I always loved Lego as a child, but I was one on the kids that my friends had the better sets than me :( boohoo.

Now sad as it sounds I spend a lump of my wages on a lot of Lego haha.

I am not ashamed or embarrassed about this, Lego is amazing! And shockingly valuable, especially the classic more collectible sets.

My most collectible set currently is the original Batcave set no.7783 I managed to pick it up for just over £200 complete with instructions but minus the box less than a year ago. I believe the set value at the moment is well over £400. This is the set that the Alfred Pennyworth minifigure from a previous post of mine, he is worth £50 alone!

So back to the photo, it was The Lego Movie that got me back into Lego after many years. The figures in this picture are from the Lego movie minifigure collectible series and the police quad bike is from a small Lego City set.


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