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From Dobby the House Elf in watercolor to the Marauder's Map summoning spell, we are no strangers to Harry Potter tattoos here at MP. Tattoos provide the perfect opportunity to brandish your fanatical dedication to the world, to ink a story onto your body that has, at some point, greatly impacted your life and shaped the person you've become today. However, the story behind Sheri Bradshaw's Harry Potter tattoo might be the most inspirational we've heard yet.

Back in 2012, Virginia based Sheri Bradshaw was driving home one night when she saw a man inside a smashed up car on the highway calling for help. Working as a nurse at the time, her instincts kicked in instantly and she ran to his side, calling 911 and helping to stabilize his neck. As she assessed the situation, she realized the placement of his vehicle was unsafe, and hoped that the ambulance would arrive on the scene promptly before any more damage could be caused.

Unfortunately for both parties, Sheri's worst fears shortly became a reality as she saw a van speeding towards them at "lightening speed."

“The last thing I saw was glass from the van’s windshield shattering as it collided with the initial young man’s car…..then I woke up as my head smacked the pavement with such force it woke me up.”

This short but monumental act of kindness, which ultimately saved the life of a complete stranger, resulted in years of recovery for Sheri. Her leg was almost ripped in half and his were entirely crushed. However, if they had been situated just a little closer to the ground they would have both died.

Once her wounds started to heel, Sheri, a self proclaimed Harry Potter fan, noticed a strangely shaped scar appearing on her inner knee...

“I ended up with curiously a lightening bolt shaped scar on the inside of my left knee. I hated it and cried at first, but then I began to think of it as a badge of honor. And…I was The Girl Who Lived! (Huge Harry Potter fan) I survived my body being hit by a vehicle going 70+mph!!! After a few months I thought, you know when the nerves heal, I am going to get The Girl Who Lived tattooed there around the scar!”

The incident occurred three years ago and Sheri now works as a taxi driver in Virginia, as she has been unable to continue working as a nurse on account of her injuries. During a recent shift, she spotted Daniel Radcliffe, who was in town shooting his upcoming thriller, Imperium. On seeing the British actor greeting his fans, she ran up to him and blurted out a rather special request.

“I just spat it out: Mr. Radcliffe, please I know it sounds strange but I have a lightening bolt scar on my leg from a near fatal accident. Will you please sign “The Girl Who Lived” on my leg near the scar? He smiled so brilliantly and made a joke about getting it tattooed on..I said oh, I can’t? And he laughed and said no one ever asks and he stooped right down and signed it perfectly on my left lower leg along with his signature!!!! He stood up and I thanked him, I was in shock. I’m pretty sure I said I love You.”

As soon as Sheri saw that he'd signed her leg in perfect Potter scroll, she rushed to her favorite tattoo artist to have the ink immortalized. Now, akin to the little baby who survived Voldemort's attack, she will forever carry her tattoo as a symbol of bravery.

Here it is, The Girl Who Lived:

Love it!

Source: Hello Giggles

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