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Anyone (i.e. most people on the planet) who has seen at least one episode of the classic TV show Friends in their lives knows that the show primarily circles around the trials and tribulations of the characters' love lives. Who they are dating, have dated, and their one-night-stands provided constant entertainment throughout the full ten seasons. However, one particular hook-up seemingly slipped through the net unnoticed, until now.

Cast your mind back to Season 7, episode 9 'The One With All the Candy,' to a particular scene in which Monica is chastising Rachel for her first date etiquette. When Rachel insists that she does not sleep with guys the first time she meets them, Monica rebuts with a list of names, including one in particular that has recently caused us to do a double-take.

Check it out for yourself:

Wait. What? Rachel slept with Ben Wyatt? As in, Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation? HA!

A coincidence that may be, but it's still really funny. Can you imagine? He'd be all like...

and hollerin' booyaahhh...

...and just being generally pretty pleased with himself.

That is, of course, until his wife found out...

The timings of the shows doesn't quite work out, what with Season 7 of Friends airing in 2000 and Ben Wyatt's character being introduced in 2009, but still, minor details, eh?

Also, fun fact, while shooting that particular scene, Monica includes the names, "Kevin Bright, David Crane, Marta Kauffman..." to the list of people Rachel had slept with on a first date... the names of the three executive producers of the show.

Source: Imgur & The Easter Egg Archive


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