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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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This was a stop motion that was the first I watched of this current generation with the exception of Coraline of course but what Coraline reminded me of was a classy Tim Burton stop motion movie film while Boxtrolls was more of a Wallace and Gromit type stop motion.

Which I'm all for I mean, I loved Chicken Run when I was younger but while Chicken Run was obsessed with pie(yeah, I must say it did get me craving for it though, even until today :P), Boxtrolls is more obsessed with cheese. But don't get me wrong that's not the main focus. And I get it cheese is supposed to be like a symbol for higher status because like it's more expensive and whatever, but maybe it's a little too much.

But let's dive into the movie though. The movie is about an abandoned baby, which is frankly something I haven't seen for awhile,I mean the last time I saw that start was with Meet the Robinsons(well not exactly I mean, technically left to be kidnapped I guess?). But I digress, this time , the trolls who I must say is very intriguing especially with the type of their clothes, being boxes with different types of foods and other assortments, and hence gotten the names boxtrolls.

Apparently, the town mayor created a myth and legend on this and it became a sort of like folklore since the kid was actually from like a rich famous guy. So then the kid; Eggs doesn't really know he's human even though like he looks very different from the trolls but I guess that's a fair comment on nurture because like you tend to think like you are with the same group for a long time and you would be integrated into thinking like the same herd as well and yes his name is based on his box too . Conformity what you gonna do about it right? Anyway so apparently the mayor's kid;Winnie like actually finds him around, and thus, encourages him to go inside because like apparently the trolls would come out and eat kids. Yeah why would trolls eat kids?

But still it's a fair character and chemistry development between Eggs and Winnie, is fairly gentle and good even though we all know that they are gonna fall in love and blah blah blah, but then they didn't really take the route. How? Well they do hint that Winnie sorta likes him but then, she basically just tells her father about him and the father didn't really believe her and here's what hurt them they do take the route of her trying to convince the dad, and then also we have a villain as well, with the villain having a poor motif for a plot and thus, is just the basically bland villain.

But then again, it's kinda funny when you watch the end happen. Yeah, we all get sucked in with the trolls because of the minion effect, oh yeah, that's a thing, I will make an editorial about that very soon. But then again we also realize that Eggs really did form a real relationship with the trolls from them sleeping together under the stars to Eggs trying to help them understand English. But wait how does he know English? Well, we are led to assume that he kept hearing it from the world above and picked it up. Now that was the characters and what characters they were. What about the story line and the plot line?

Well to be fair this time the story line is fueled mainly by the art but, like a great story line it's characters carries it through as well, and the plot is basically about a kidnapped kid and learning to accept things, and also choosing between a dilemma is never easy and sometimes the answer can be choosing both.

Overall this movie is fairly okay. So why the higher rating above both Now You See Me and Forrest Gump? Well it's just the simplicity yet the complexity of the art being spoken through. I mean it's mostly a kidnap/abandon story with the kid and then it was also incorporating that Robinsons feel of the bad guy and then the end was like really funny I mean, c'mon robots with like arms and the overly complicated functions of the robot. And you do kinda know like where they were going to go with it, but luckily for us, they never really go with the romance of Eggs and Winnie, which I'm like yeah, it's sad but it's good that they don't go with it, and it's something enjoyable, like they can still be friends and whatever right, unlike the How to Train Your Dragons and yeah, while it's not as good as How to Train Your Dragon, but it's a fine piece of stop motion that, to me is still memorable today.


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