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Freddy Krueger has terrorized the dreams of millions since 1984, and with a lack luster 2010 reboot fans were left with a bad taste in their mouths. A new installment to the franchise has been announced, but many fans are up in arms about the entire ordeal. Who knows what fans of A Nightmare on Elm Street want more than a super fan of the franchise? Horror artist Nathan Thomas Milliner is exactly that, he is one of the most passionate fans around and he has decided to take a crack at the franchise and give fans what they have craved and what the reboot just didn't deliver with his fan-made film, The Confession of Fred Krueger.

Written and directed by Nathen Thomas Milliner (based on material by Wes Craven and Jeffrey Cooper), The Confession of Fred Krueger stars Thomas Dunbar, Todd Reynolds, Steve Vessell, Eric Huskisson, Kharley Redmon, Corey Ballard and Kevin Roach as Fred Krueger.

The film is only 30 minutes long and still better than the 2010 reboot. Milliner knows and loves the franchise and it really shows in the obvious passion that went into this fan-made piece of cinematic art. It is dark, gritty and artistic, everything a film should be and more.

The attention to detail is outstanding. There were clever nods to the original A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween. Subtle touches that really ad depth to the entire project. One of the missing children is a boy by the name of "Bobby Englund" and the sketch looks a lot like a young Robert Englund and the matchbook that the detective pulls from his pocket is from the Rabbit In Red.

Fans are apprehensive to watch any film from or regarding the franchise that does not include Robert Englund. We have been spoiled by his greatness, but if anyone other than Englund was going to pull on a stripped sweater and razor glove, Kevin Roach is the man. His portrayal of the legendary character was flawless. He nailed every bit of the role from the mannerisms all the way to the voice. Roach's performance is sure to make fans, Wes Craven and Robert proud. He's got my vote to play Freddy any time.

The Confession of Fred Krueger is phenomenally written. The interrogation is exactly how any fan would expect a Q&A session with Freddy Krueger would go. It is perfectly disturbing and refreshing to hear where Freddy came from and what drove him to become what he did.


It is 1973 and the Springwood Police Dept. have just arrested a man they believe to be the notorious child murderer known as the Springwood Slasher.Since being released on YouTube,


The Confession of Fred Krueger has grossed over 38,000 views and I can assure you that it is well worth the 30 minutes to view. You can watch the film yourself for the low cost of FREE via the Rebel Rouser Comics YouTube Channel by clicking the link below.

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