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In a new trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 entitled 'You Don't Have a Choice,' we get thirty seconds of mayhem and madness that will make you even more excited than you already probably were after the San Diego Comic-Con trailer was released a few months back.

It seems like people are losing their collective minds, and the brief bit of order we may have seen from Season 5 are unraveling... fast. It's unclear who to trust, and with the gnarliest walkers we've ever seen (let's just say they age fast) walking around, it's obviously a dangerous situation for everybody.

Take a look and see for yourself what to expect from a season that will introduce a few new characters -- most notably Paul 'Jesus' Monroe.

It's coming... October 11th, mark your calendars

"Things are going to get worse"

Specifically, the walkers, which are getting more and more haggard, gnarly, and just overall gross

"Rick is dangerous"... we already knew Rick and Morgan would be pitted against each other

Morgan came to play, though

Daryl Dixon on a motorcycle is always great

Two more weeks until the day of dreams...

What do you think of the trailer? Obviously it was a lot to take in, but it looks action-packed at the very least. Anything you noticed from the trailer that might be a hint at an arc from the storyline?

I think the 'You Don't Have a Choice' title of the trailer is a hint at survival becoming of the utmost importance. There will be no dilly-dallying and even less time to think.

The Walking Dead comes back Sunday, October 11th at 9pm/8pm Central

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