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A few days ago, NASA teased out some of the coolest news of the day. I mean I'm talking real-life [The Martian](tag:959366) type stuff. Take a look at the Tweet that NASA - one of the most bad-ass organizations on this planet - put out on their official Twitter page.

Apparently, the scientists who work for the space organization found out that there is evidence for liquid salt water on the surface of Mars. Of course, this means the likelihood for sustainable life on the planet goes up tremendously. Previously, we thought no life forms (that we know of) could live there due to the fact that water or water-like liquids couldn't exist there.

They’ve discovered that lines on the surface of the planet known as “recurring slope lineae” are formed when salt water trickles down slopes. Scientists thought that they might form this way, but now they have evidence to support this idea.

Scientists used a new technique to find the presence of "hydrated salts" in the lines they saw on these slopes

The researchers who discovered this wrote in their paper, “Our findings strongly support the hypothesis that recurring slope lineae form as a result of contemporary water activity on Mars.”

We already knew ice water existed on the planet, but we now know that surface level liquid water exists too

So what does this mean? Why should I care?

Well, basically, this means that the likelihood for life on Mars - or what we've defined as life - could very much be higher than we thought. Also, even more excitingly, it would mean that humans could possibly live on Mars. I wouldn't mind spending a year or two on Mars, but I would probably wait for the original vacationers to test it out first.

You could probably catch me on Mars after multiple other people proved it was safe first. I'll let somebody much braver and bolder than myself go up there and see. I kind of compare it to the first people who flew on commercial airplanes. Those were risk-takers that I have respect for.

Imagine studying abroad on Mars... damn. That would be amazing.

Also, this news' timing is perfect for The Martian, with Matt Damon, that hits theaters this weekend.


Would you go live on Mars for a little bit if you could?
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