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If there's anything that brings the Internet together other than cat memes, it's heartwarming stories of costumed kids getting to live out their dreams of being a superhero for a day in a life otherwise filled with illness.

Last year, the world was enthralled with the story of Batkid. Today, it's a Marvel hero we have to rally around: six-year-old Mable, otherwise known as SpiderMable. She's been fighting acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for two years and, her mother says, found that even the short walk to school was too much for her.

While she was undergoing treatments, she started reading comic books to pass the time and ended up loving '60s era Spider-Man the best. Thus was born her alter-ego, SpiderMable.

But early this morning, the chief of the Edmonton Police Department revealed that the captain of the Edmonton Oilers, Andrew Ference, had been "kidnapped," and they needed all the help they could get from SpiderMable, courtesy of The Children's Wish Foundation.

Then the mayor of Edmonton begged SpiderMable to help, as no one else could solve the case and return their beloved captain safely.

It's Mable's lucky break, as she says she's always wanted to fight crime like Spider-Man. And it's no surprise that Ference is involved - hockey players are some of the most charitable professional athletes around, and Andrew Ference has been regularly involved with children's charities, both in Edmonton and previous teams, such as the Boston Bruins.

After meeting with the mayor early today and getting some pro crimefighting tips from her hero, Spider-Man, Mable has gone on to have a busy crimefighting schedule. First, she's battling the villain at the West Edmonton Mall. Unfortunately, the villain will get away that time, but no fear - Mable will eventually use her Spidey-sense to track him down to the Valley Zoo, where she will save the captain from the clutches of the evil bad guy.

Chances are you're not sitting in the city of Edmonton, Canada, as you read this, but you can root for SpiderMable from afar as she works her way through the city today, fighting crime and doing good deeds.

The day will culminate in a celebration for SpiderMable at the zoo as the city celebrates her victorious triumph over evil and the safe return of Captain Ference, just in time for hockey season.

Let this be a lesson to those who blow off comic book movies as being silly nonsense. They do matter. This is just one more example of it. It's virtually impossible not to be moved by it when it brings such joy to kids when they need it most.

(Source: CBC)


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