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The third deleted scene from [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035)included in the digital release was entitled: Bruce and Natasha Talk. Imaginative.

As you may have guess, it's an extended version of the conversation Bruce Banner (Hulk) and Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) have outside the bathroom in the Farmhouse. It opens much the same as in the movie: with Natasha sitting on the bed, waiting for Bruce to leave the bathroom.

She has a series of very short cutaway flashbacks to being in the Red Room and being given the sterilisation procedure (which is a weird time to include those given that neither she nor Bruce have had the whole "children" conversation yet but cool whatever you say Joss Whedon).

Bruce comes out of the bathroom, surprised to see her there. Natasha makes some sexual innuendoes, everybody giggles. Bruce tells her that he can't stay now that the world has seen the real Hulk, Natasha says she'll come with him and expresses doubts about her worthiness to be an Avenger.

They do the "almost but not quite" kissing thing, Bruce tells her she's out of her mind to want to be with him (just what every girl wants to hear) because he's dangerous and can't have kids and a family. Natasha says she can't either and tells him about the Red Room and the sterilisation.

At this point in the movie Bruce asks, "So we disappear?" and the scene ends, implying that is indeed what they're going to do later. The extended version of the scene continues after he says this though, and things end very differently.

Natasha gets all up in his not-quite kissing face again, and this awkward piece of dialogue ensues:

Natasha: "We keep moving. And we don't play circle of life, we just play."
Bruce: "And the dead?"
Natasha: "They're dead."
Bruce: "Not to me. Not ever."
Natasha: "Bruce..."
Bruce: "Never."
Natasha: "Wow... I guess I better clean up then."
Bruce: "Water's cold."
Natasha: "No shit."

I kinda understand why they cut this part. The whole Natasha/Bruce relationship is a problematic issue to discuss, and this does give more of a precent for why he buggered off at the end rather than running away with Natasha but in it Bruce kind of comes across as a total dick. Also the wording is really awkward and Mark Ruffalo does this weird puffy thing with his cheeks during that last portion of dialogue which makes him look like a chipmunk with a really big jaw. Not flattering.

Pictured: the chipmunk face
Pictured: the chipmunk face

However, chipmunk-Ruffalo aside, this exchange seems like a much more pertinent thing for them to discuss regarding what makes them "monsters". This scene was criticised for the way it portrays gender roles in relation to reproductive capacity, and it does seems odd to me that what they would base qualifying themselves as monsters on would be the ability to have children rather than the actual monstrous death-wielding parts of their personalities - the Hulk and the assassin.

These guys.
These guys.

Keeping this little add-on to the scene in would've scuppered the relationship much earlier in the film, but it also would've drawn attention to what it really is that Bruce is running from - in his rampage in Johannesburg just a few scenes earlier, how many people did he add to the ranks of the dead? And how many before then? He nearly killed Natasha during The Avengers when he hulked out in the Helicarrier remember?

Bruce can't overlook the Hulk's actions; Natasha may be able to run from her own but he cant and that's why their relationship won't work - she's willing to move on, he isn't. Never-mind that they're two "monsters" who can't have kids. It's a much less insulting comparison to draw.

Presumably when we finally catch up with Bruce/Hulk he'll be contemplating this questions, perhaps seeking a return to the peace he had found before being roped into the Avengers Initiative and if that peace doesn't include Black Widow, well that's probably a good thing.

Have you seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron deleted scenes yet? Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!


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