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As the current season of Chasing Life comes to an end tonight, we look back on the emotional rollercoaster of a ride that season two has been, we look at what to expect from tonight's fall finale and we look ahead to where the show can go in the future - A future that the show better have...I'm looking at you ABC Family.

Season two of Chasing Life further developed a lot of the storylines we saw in season one, mainly April's battle with cancer and her engagement to Leo. However, we also saw a lot of new storylines emerge - such as Brenna meeting Finn, George and Sara's former relationship going public and perhaps the most important: the revelations about Thomas Carver's death. We laughed and cried (mainly cried) and lost one of the most beloved characters in a shocking episode that saw Leo Hendrie unexpectedly die not long after marrying April. The impending doom of cancer may not have been as heavy this season as in the first, but the season was equally emotional for several other reasons. April and Leo's wedding was a highlight for myself. Natalies discovery of 'Chasing Life: A novel by Thomas Carver' led to some shocking revelations about Thomas, George and the rest of the Carver family.

Now, April is about to release her book, also titled 'Chasing Life' while Olivia is plotting to release the Thomas Carver novel. Perhaps the most shocking revelation from the penultimate episode was Beth's pregnacy. Beth's new found love, career and happiness is all in jepoardy now that she's pregnant. But who is the father? Credit where credit is due, the writers have done an incredible job this season!

It's shaping up to be an explosive finale. Very little is known thus far, but I'm expecting April to rekindle her romance with Dominic. There is a surprise trip to Italy for April, Dominic and Beth, but we do not know how this comes to fruition. We also know that Dr. Hamburg returns tonight, which leads us to believe that there could be some bad news for April.

Season two has been very different from the first but not in a bad way. All the new challenges put in front of April only made her stronger, which is exactly what she needs as she looks to the future.

Now, the only thing that we need to know is whether or not there will be another season. ABC Family has yet to comment on the fate of Chasing Life, but judging from the devoted fans, the steady ratings along with the amazing writers, cast and showrunners - it would be foolish not to renew.

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The fall finale airs on ABC Family tonight at 8/9c.


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