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After less than 24 hours, the latest trailer for Microsoft's Halo 5: Guardians has gone viral. The trailer is titled 'A Hero Falls' and shed a ton of light on the plot for the upcoming game. This will be a full, in-depth breakdown of the trailer and some of the connections it has to previous trailers for the game. You can watch the new trailer below, but be warned - everything past that video is the breakdown, and it DOES contain SPOILERS for the plot of Halo 5: Guardians. Halo 5

Now that you've seen the trailer, let's break it down to it's core.

Master Chief Has Been Pronounced Dead

* The trailer is essentially about one thing - the apparent death of the Master Chief due to the rise of one of the Guardians.

* One VERY important piece of information from this trailer is that they pronounced the Chief's death on October 27, 2560. This is HUGE because the actual game 'Halo 5: Guardians' will be released on that exact same date (October 27, 2015 - not 2560, but I digress). And remember, executive producer of the franchise Frank O'Connor has stated in an interview that not only do they know how chief's story will end, but that they are working on Halo 6 already and have the next 20 years worth of Halo games and lore planned out. That adds to the significance of the dates matching up as they do. Here is the exact quote from Frank O'Connor:

We do kind of know what's going to happen in the next game pretty well at this point. We're doing serious, real planning and even some writing on the next game already, and that's a luxury--we've never been in that position before. We know what’s going to happen in the next game, and we kind of know what's going to happen to the Master Chief ultimately.

While this new trailer does seem to mean that what O'Connor meant is that Master Chief will die in Halo 5: Guardians, I don't actually believe he does. But we will get to that. Back to the breakdown.

The announcement is heard by humans across the universe. In the Halo universe, humans have colonized many more planets than just Earth. In the trailer, we see people in a Warthog armory hearing the announcement, a woman in a space suit who is NEAR A HALO RING, and humans from all different colonies and planets hearing the message as well. We even see a child, hearing the announcement, holding a Master Chief action figure that appears to be the Master Chief from Halo: Combat Evolved.

Master Chief From Halo: CE.
Master Chief From Halo: CE.

Why Would Chief Run Towards A Guardian?

The interesting part of the trailer is what Chief is doing that leads up to his supposed death. As the entire city is crumbling around him, he is running TOWARDS the Guardian that is causing this destruction. This seems to confirm the rumors the the Chief has, in fact, “gone off the rails.” We saw in the Halo 5 Blue Team Opening Fred, Chief's team mate and one of the only four remaining Spartan II's, questioning Chief's mental state. And since we see Chief running towards this guardian solo, could that mean that his team mates have abandoned him because he has lost his sanity and is chasing a Guardian? Or is the Chief simply giving off the impression he's crazy so he does not endanger his team.

On a side note, it appears that the Guardians may very well be the mysterious enemy from Hunt the truth season 2. You know, the one frying electronics and leveling planets in mere seconds? It would make sense since this season of HTT will lead right up to the launch of Halo 5: Guardians.

How It Ties-In With Previous Trailers

Now, if we look back to the “Hunter” and “Hunted” trailers (which you can watch below), we see the landscape from this current trailer to be the same one from those trailers. Further relating back to those trailers, Chief blamed Spartan Locke for the destruction that we see (which we now see in this new trailer) in the “Hunted” trailer, but in the “Hunter” trailer, Locke blames Chief. While Chief's only concern has been to protect humanity, even if it meant defying orders from ONI and the UNSC, Locke is the "obedient" soldier who does what he told.

And now, from Master Chief's perspective (Hunted)

In this most recent trailer it seems ONI discovered and confirmed Chief's death from a drone, which you can see in the trailer. This is interesting, because it means Chief may have very well FAKED his death to get ONI off his trail. Do remember that scene in the “Hunted” trailer where the Chief says “You're mission is over, Spartan Locke. Mine is just beginning”. In that scene we actually see Locke lying in the same position as we see Chief in the latest trailer, as well as in the "Hunter" trailer from Locke's perspective. But it's the "Hunter" trailer that proves something huge when coupled with this new 'A Hero Falls' trailer, which is...

The Master Chief Is Not Dead, But ONI Wants Him To Be

There are a number of different factors we have that lead to this conclusion, but I'll start with why ONI would want the Chief dead before I get to how we know he isn't dead (at least yet).

It seems from the first season of Hunt The Truth that ONI wanted to paint the picture of the Master Chief as the galaxies hero. But why? Why would they go through such lengths to make sure humans across the galaxy knew how much of a hero he was? The answer - because ONI planned on killing the chief. The question - What did Chief discover that scared ONI so much that they wanted to kill him without having to damage his "image" they use as propaganda?

See, Locke is hunting the Master Chief for one reason; ONI chose him to do so. He is following orders from the people who have more dirty laundry that they’re trying to conceal than most politicians have in a lifetime. Locke doesn't know this. He sees them as the good guys, and so, under the influence of their lies, sees Chief as the villain. This is why we hear him say in the "Hunter" trailer "Let us remember him forever as you (looking up to the statue of the Master Chief), and not as you (looking down at the Chief who is lying under debris in what appears the exact same scene from the new 'A Hero Falls' trailer where he is "dead"), claiming Chief was the one who was supposed to save them all, but now Locke must save them, from Chief. But what's the key thing here? Locke pulls out his pistol and points it at the Chief. What does that mean? Put simply, Chief "appears" dead in the new trailer, but, in the exact same scene in the "Hunter" trailer he is not dead. This means the chief CANNOT BE DEAD and ONI IS LYING ABOUT IT.

ONI Knows He's Not Dead

How do I know this? Well, let's think for one brief moment. If ONI sent Team Osiris, specifically Locke, to hunt down the Chief, the intention was to kill him. This is because they announced his death to the world when he clearly was not yet dead (as I have proven above). Not only that, they had a drone watching as the Guardian rose, which they used in the new trailer to confirm Chief’s death to the public. If they had a drone watching, they know he is still alive. In the "Hunted" trailer, Chief clearly tells Locke that "his mission is over", further stating "but mine is just beginning".

This would make sense, as it would Locke's mission would, in theory, be over if the world thought the Chief was dead. But he isn't, which begs the question; will the Chief have to kill Locke to complete this mission he is just beginning? If he lets Locke live, ONI will know Chief did not die. But, Chief is not a murderer. MY guess is he will tell Locke the truth, and let him decide what to do; turn Chief in to ONI to be executed, or help Chief save the galaxy. And in the “Hunter” trailer, we do see Locke approaching the chief where the chief's body is in the exact same place as we see in the latest trailer. Also, unlike the “Hunted” trailer where Chief simply walks up to Locke who is lying on the ground in the same position chief was in the “Hunter” trailer (and in this new trailer where he's pronounced dead), the “Hunter” trailer actually shows Locke emerging from some sort of ship or drop pod. Coupling that with the fact that an ONI drone confirms Chief's death in the newest trailer, I think that ONI is sending Locke in that scene to make sure the Chief actually is dead. Or worse - to finish the job.

To Wrap It All Up

So essentially, we see Chief running towards a rising Guardian that levels a city. An ONI drone that captures the footage is used by ONI officials to announce to the world the death of Spartan 117. The date of his death is October 27, 2560, and the release date of the game is October 27, 2015. This is not a coincidence, and may be foreshadowing the day the Master Chief "died", but not in the conventional sense. Rather, it is probably symbolizing the day the world thinks the Chief died, or the day that the Chief as we know him dies. We know Chief is not actually dead in the 'A Hero Falls' trailer thanks to the previous "Hunter" and "Hunted" trailers. We also know that ONI was using Benjamin from Hunt The Truth season 1 to portray to the world the Chief as a glorious hero and role model, and we know from season 2 that, as Sully says, "we cannot allow our dirty laundry to get out". The assumption I make from this is that ONI was using Ben to get propaganda of the Chief they could us to their own benefit out to the public before the had him killed, which is defended by the fact that though they pronounced him dead, Locke approaches him with pistol in hand in the scene where Chief supposedly died. This means Chief knows something big about ONI that could destroy them, and that Locke doesn't know it. My guess is that Locke will hear what secrets the Chief knows, realize he was hunting the wrong enemy the whole time, and will take down ONI as Chief disappears on a different mission in a different part of the galaxy, maintaining the notion that he is dead so he can be free to do what he must to protect humanity.

I hope you guys enjoyed the article and stay tuned for updates! 'Halo 5: Guardians' releases October 27, 2015 at 12 am for Xbox One.


Do you think Master Chief is dead and why/why not?


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